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It is not uncommon to come across various myths and misconceptions associated with old age. People will always make their assumptions. The curiosity of how it is to grow old or the effects of old age leads to a lot of misinformation that can potentially brainwash you if you are not careful. However, as we are getting older, it helps to understand the facts about aging. These days, many services should help you achieve a more comfortable life even as you get older. You might want to try geriatric care in Gaithersburg for better health habits and lifestyle choices. Aging does not mean you start struggling, and with the following myths busted, you can make informed decisions about how you want your life to be.

  1.     As you get older, you will need less sleep

With age, it is common for most people to have a challenging time falling and staying asleep. Most people end up believing that as you get older, your sleep needs will decline, but that could not be any further from the truth. Older adults are not any different and require the same amount of sleep as all adults- approximately 8 hours of sleep. With enough sleep, you can stay healthy and alert. You also reduce the risk of falls while improving your overall mental well-being.

  1.     You must lose memory as you age.

Unlike what you may have heard, not every person necessarily loses their memory. Not everyone will experience memory loss diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If anything, research shows that only 6 to 8 percent of people 65 years old and above have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Just because you are getting older, it does not mean your memory will go away with each passing year.

  1.     Older people do not need close relationships

As humans, we are social creatures, and the same applies to the elderly. The need for meaningful relationships does not become less significant just because one is aging. While you might relate to fewer people as you age, it is only because of physical and mental barriers that result from age. Sometimes, geriatric care can provide a close relationship for our seniors if we cannot help them. With or without age, everyone needs a close relationship.

  1.     As you get older, you cannot learn new things

This could not be any further from the truth. Older adults can still learn new things, create new memories, and enhance their performance in various skills. With age, someone tends to have more knowledge and better understanding thanks to a lifetime of experiences. Older adults who try and learn something new could even improve their cognitive abilities. For instance, someone could learn digital photography as it has been shown to improve memory. Likewise, engaging in social activities such as dance classes or book clubs may boost cognitive health. As you get older, you must keep your brain active.

As you live longer and better, you will encounter many challenges, but that does not mean your life has to change. You can enjoy yourself and live a comfortable life even past the 80s. However, make sure you know what information is true and what is not first.

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