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A food allergy makes the body give an abnormal response to the food that causes an allergic reaction. These reactions can range from belly pain to swelling to the more serious ones like lowering blood pressure. Food allergies in Gilbert need to be handled by a good doctor, especially when a child has an allergy.

In a food allergy, the body identifies a particular food as if it is bad for it and the immune system starts to work against the food allergen and triggers the symptoms of an allergy. Children can develop at a really young age, and thus need to be supervised and made cautious about the allergy that they have.

There are a few food allergies that are the most common amongst children. They are listed here:

  • Cow Milk- Many babies develop a cow milk allergy from a very young age especially if introduced to it before they complete the age of 6 months. This is the reason why all doctors suggest against introducing cow milk to a newborn. The only treatment that is available right now for this allergy is avoiding everything that contains cow milk.
  • Peanuts- Peanut allergy is found very easily in children and has the capability of causing some very severe symptoms. Though the real reason behind it is not known, children with a family history of this type of allergy are certainly more at risk. The treatment involves avoiding peanuts and using them in small amounts under close medical supervision.
  • Eggs- This is a very common allergy among children and can result in symptoms like a stomach ache, skin rash, breathing difficulty, etc. it is also possible that a person is just allergic to one part of the egg, either yolks or whites. However, there is an upside to this and that is that every two children of three, outgrow this allergy by the age of 16.
  • Tree nuts- This allergy is very common throughout the US and affects adults and children alike. Not only are these people allergic to seeds and nuts of trees, but they are also allergic to the food that is made out of these nuts. These allergies are responsible for some fatal symptoms. Since this is a life-threatening allergy, the doctor always advises that the patient carries an epi-pen at all times.

There are more food items that generate allergic reactions but these 4 are the most commonly found in children.

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