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Patients with malocclusion, a condition characterized by misalignment of the teeth, can benefit from clear aligners because these devices help straighten the teeth. The good thing with Orlando clear aligners is that patients do not have to experience the troubles of having metal wires and brackets in the mouth. Clear aligners still provide a gentle force that constantly forces the teeth to move to an ideal position. Your dentist will customize your clear aligners using a digital scan to suit your conditions, thus achieving your desired results.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

These devices satisfy the specific needs of the patients. Clear aligners gradually move teeth to a particular direction that will create a perfect finish. The custom-made device comes from impressions captured digitally through a scan. From the scan, the information undergoes processing. Using the software, the dentist will develop projections of future results.

In the beginning, you will experience speech problems because the clear aligners will be foreign to your oral cavity. However, you will soon get used to the aligners in your mouth and will be able to talk correctly.

How Should You Care for Your Clear Aligners?

Compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures that aim to provide a straight smile, like braces, clear aligners are the most comfortable. However, the introduction of clear aligners into your mouth should follow strict guidelines to ensure enhanced results. Some of the instructions your dentist will insist on include:

  •         It would be best if you got used to wearing the aligners for most of your day. Although they will start to feel like a nuisance, leave them on for at least 20 hours a day so that you can accelerate the treatment process.
  •         Do not brush your teeth with the aligners on.
  •         Take out your aligners whenever you are about to consume something hot.
  •         Keep your aligners clean and store them safely.

Post-treatment Care Protocol for Clear Aligners

  •         After getting the results you desired, you should continue to put in retainers. These devices prevent the teeth from bouncing back into their previous position.
  •         Watch what you eat- Upon taking out your clear aligners, your teeth will be sensitive. Therefore, keep away from crunch foods that may hurt. Give your teeth time to rest and regain strength.
  •       Brush your teeth to keep them clean- Brush regularly, at least twice a day, to ensure thorough efficacy. Even if you get great results, maintaining hygiene is the most effective dental care.
  •       Go for regular checkups- The end of your journey using clear aligners and attaining desired dental goals does not mean the end of your regular dental visits. Going for dental checkups keeps you in the know on all matters concerning your oral health.

It is essential to follow all post-treatment guidelines that your doctor will recommend because they determine your results. The best practices like wearing retainers, fixed or removable after permanently taking out the aligners, will lower your chances of relapse, where your teeth adapt their previous misaligned position. To learn more about clear aligners, contact Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

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