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Are you irritated by others, are you suffering from insomnia or are not able to overcome the sudden apathy? Sometimes such temporary difficulties can be dealt with on their own or with the help of a psychologist. But what if a week, month, or six months pass by, and it doesn’t get any better? You may need to connect the “heavy artillery” in the face of a therapist. If you’re wondering if you should visit an occupational therapy in Sydney, these signs will help you understand if you really have to.

Sign number 1.

Dramatically changed lifestyle and daily routine. Not only have you noticed such metamorphoses, but your relatives, friends, and neighbors have also. For example, you were very active, led a healthy lifestyle, talked a lot with people and suddenly became withdrawn, do not leave your house much, it does not matter to you what to eat and wear, etc. There may be another transformation: the person was balanced but became explosive and almost with foam at the mouth proves his truth to everyone he meets.

Sign number 2.

Prolonged apathy – you do not want anything, and you are indifferent to the events. I note that both psychologists and psychotherapists work with this condition. But if it lasts for more than two months, of course, you need to go at last.

Sign number 3.

You are haunted by obsessive thoughts, sometimes it even seems that someone controls them. It is about the impossibility of shifting attention from an exciting topic to something else. Usually, in such cases, thoughts are devoted to some global issues, for example, the salvation of the world and humanity.

Sign number 4.

It seems that someone is watching you or chasing you. It is important that this condition appears without any objective reason. For example, if you are carrying a large amount of money from the sale of an apartment, a feeling of fear and fear may indeed arise, but in this case, its origins are understandable and can be easily eliminated. It is worse when you do not know why such feelings trouble you.

Sign number 5.

There is a feeling that the environment (family, neighbors, and friends) are opposed to you or are even preparing some kind of conspiracy. Sometimes suspicions may turn out to be true; everything happens in life. But in order to understand what is real and what is unreal, it is better to consult a therapist.

Sign number 6.

Thoughts of suicide, I would like to point out that the reason for contacting a specialist should be a combination of several signs at the same time. Suppose you have a sharp change in lifestyle, you sleep and eat poorly, and all of this lasts more than two months. But in the case of the emergence of suicidal thoughts, then that is a different story. This symptom alone is enough to go to the therapist.

Sign number 7.

You hear extraneous voices, sounds, and suddenly you begin seeing various images, for example, the pattern on the wallpaper looks like a giant toad, the tie on the back of the chair – a crawling snake. This is not necessarily about schizophrenia or some complex diseases – people with a sensitive nervous system in a state of strain can also hear some extraneous sounds and voices.

This seems to be a pretty obvious sign to see a therapist, but many ignore it or even drown it out with alcohol.

Sign number 8.

Outbreaks of sudden and unreasonable aggression. Nothing has happened yet, but everything infuriates you, the people around you are driving you crazy. Someone is experiencing this state inside, while someone is demonstrating it on the outside.

Sign number 9.

A sharp dissatisfaction with their appearance without objective reasons. There are defects that really need to be corrected with surgery. But when a person himself one day decides that he should lie under the knife due to some far-fetched flaw, without having indications for surgery, then this is unhealthy behavior.

Sign number 10.

You think you are suffering from an incurable disease. And although all the tests and consultations of the doctor suggest otherwise, it is impossible to convince you.

There is another manifestation: you experience pulling, aching pains, pressure, burning in different parts of the body. The tests are normal, and the source of the disease is not clear to you or the doctor.

Additional Signs

  • Opening your eyes in the morning, you do not know where you are, what day it is and what is happening around you. It’s hard for you to get your thoughts together.
  • You forget some important events of your life and the near past. Suppose a friend claims that you agreed to meet with him, but you don’t understand what this is all about. It is like memory lapses.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse. You relieve stress in this way, and this interferes with life and work.
  • Your appetite is missing, you often forget to eat, or the opposite reaction occurs – you eat everything indiscriminately and cannot stop. Eating behavior is one of the best indicators of a person’s psychological state.
  • In your life, there are new, strange hobbies with something supernatural, magic, religion, or psychological training. Let me give you a striking example: a couple of months ago you were an atheist, and suddenly you decide to believe in God sharply, start going to church as a job and try to impose your lifestyle on everyone you meet.
  • Sudden changes in voice, facial expressions, and gestures. Such things are most often noticed by surrounding people. But you can also track them yourself if you wish to.
  • Broken attention. You forget to close the door, turn off the iron, turn off the lights, etc.
  • You are tormented by nightmares or some repeating fantastic dreams. In the morning, you remember them in great detail, and they scare you. Another bad sign is insomnia.


There was a feeling that you are an exceptional person who has come to this world to convey to people some truth, important knowledge, you see and know more than others. Usually, such people do not have to save all of humanity, they can “save” a friend, a child, etc. They are more interested in someone else’s life than on their own. Here are five essential signs that you need rehab right now.

You are not ready to go to a specialist, although you notice some of the listed signs. A healthy person differs from an unhealthy one by having criticism of his condition: there are problems – I must go to a doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. But if there are serious deviations, often a person thinks to the last that everything is in order and he does not need help. These signs will help you identify if you really need help.

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