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Most people have been across back pain in their lifetime. You can incur back pain from sources like injuries, poor sitting posture, and some medical conditions. Back pain is felt in the backbone due to injuries of tissues and nerves. Some people may heal back pain without seeking medical attention, but it is vital to get treatment before it gets severe. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, seek treatment at the Jersey City back pain clinic. Below are the candidates for chronic back pain.

Who are the candidates for back pain?

Every person can develop back pain depending on various factors.

Both males and females are affected by back pain. According to research, women suffer back pain more than men. This research also showed that the reason that women are affected by back pain the most is due to their nature of having many threatening diseases. Women suffer conditions like overweight, obesity, and pregnancy, which may lead to back pain due to spinal stress. However, old adults at the age of 60 and above may suffer chronic back pain more than young peoples. This is due to the wear and tear of nerves and tissues, which are found in the spinal discs. The aged are also prone to diseases like diabetes and arthritis, which affects joint tissues and nerve. You’re worn out tissues gets inflamed, thus causing back pain. Below are the causes of back pain.

What are the significant causes of back pain?

The way you may suffer back pain might be different from how another person can suffer. According to health care researches, if you are working in an office, you are likely to suffer back pain due to prolonged sitting. However, people working in industries may suffer back pain due to lifting heavy luggage and back injuries from the surrounding materials. Spinal conditions like disc degeneration and herniated spinal discs cause back pain. These spinal conditions occur when your spinal discs try to shift their position, thus causing stress on tissues and nerves. There are other factors that promote the occurrences of your back pain. Factors like sciatica, diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, old age, genetic factors, overweight, obesity, lack of exercise, and smoking affect your spinal cord by either increasing pressure or causing wear and tear. Below are the symptoms associated with back pain.

The primary symptoms of chronic back pain

Back pain can be severe when not treated at its early stages. The primary symptoms of back pain are pain and inflammation of damaged tissues and nerves. Other symptoms include;

  • Decrease in sexual performance
  • Difficult during standing and walking
  • Tumor between the affected spinal joints
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Inflammation and swelling ate the back

Back pain is a condition that affects most males and females. Back pain occurs due to the strain of spinal discs, thus causing tissue and damage. Severe back pain alters with your daily routines, thus it’s essential to ask for treatment before it persists. Get treatment at Garden State Pain Control clinic in New Jersey.


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