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Are you conscious about your breast size and shape? The solution for you is the West Palm Beach breast lift. Sagging breasts are unsightly and may drastically reduce your confidence. Whether it’s age, pregnancy, or weight loss that’s causing your breasts to sag, our specialists tailor a suitable remedy. Our specialists pride themselves in extensive knowledge on non-invasive and surgical breast lift methods and leverage state-of-the-art technology to restore firmer breasts for a youthful look. This article provides you with insightful information and benefits that are reason enough to consider a breast lift.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Also known as mastopexy, it is a surgical process that removes excess tissue from the surrounding breast area to reshape breast contours. However, a surgical breast lift is not the only procedure dermatologists apply. Minimally invasive procedures such as caci bust treatment and breast lift exercises reshape your breasts but do not have the same outstanding results and longevity as surgical procedures.

How to Tell If You Need a Breast Lift

If you’re conscious about your breast size, then that’s an outright sign. Moreover, you can self-examine to evaluate whether you need to schedule a visit to the dermatologist—specialized cosmetic surgery centers such as L.A. Vinas M.D., Plastic Surgery, Med Spa & Skin Care Centers offer telehealth services. Telehealth services allow you to have candid conversations with a dermatologist of your choice at the comfort of your home and book a date for a breast lift procedure. Generally, if:

  • Your nipples point downwards.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • Your nipple creases underneath the underboob.
  • Your breasts feel heavy.

Then a breast lift is a remedy for you. Depending on the severity of irregularly shaped and drooping breasts, the dermatologist will choose the suitable breast lift type for you.

Suppose needles give you the chills, request for laser therapy or electrotherapy, which uses an external device to stimulate breast size reduction. Microneedling is also another procedure, which leverages intrinsic skin regeneration abilities. Micro-needling, in conjunction with a Renuvion plasma device, stimulates collagen production for firmer breasts. After you undergo surgical or non-surgical breast lift, you will need a follow-up regimen to impart permanence. Surgical procedures have more permanence but require you not to engage in strenuous activities and take pain relief medication for a while. Our dermatologists mitigate the risks and effects of breast lift techniques to impart amazing benefits and reshape your boobs.

Benefits of Breast Lift

The benefits you will enjoy from a breast lift are primarily increased confidence. In the social media age, it is understandable to be self-conscious about your body. Pregnancy and weight loss bring unwelcome changes in your breasts that breast lift remedies. By removing the excess skin from the surrounding area, a dermatologist resizes and repositions your breasts and areola higher up the body for an aesthetically pleasing appearance that improves your self-esteem. Also, if you have an uneven areola, breast lift corrects that.


A breast lift restores your confidence and gives your body a young look. You can enjoy the amazing benefits of breast lift by scheduling a visit today at L.A. Vinas M.D., Plastic Surgery, Med Spa & Skin Care center located in West Palm Beach, FL. Our specialists have years of experience in breast lift techniques and employ methods with proven efficacy. Make a noble decision and schedule an appointment today.

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