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There is a surprisingly simple, non-toxic, as well as inexpensive, do-it-yourself way to, convert cancerous cells back to normal. Not only that but, it’s also an easy way to prevent acquiring cancer in the future. Yes, cancer prevention is possible! It’s thought that millions in the nation already have cancer in various stages of development – yet to be diagnosed. Thus, you should begin your cancer prevention ASAP – like tomorrow! The good news is, it’s not really that difficult.You will soon discover that cancer is not really some mysterious disease, just waiting to attack us for no good reason. Some highly aggressive enemy we will somehow require the use highly toxic therapies (capable of causing cancer), in an attempt to kill it “along with healthy cells”, before it gains the upper hand, and kills us first. Considered as the gold standard by traditional oncologists, although that won’t be ours.If we just do a little detective work, it will soon become obvious why the rate of those acquiring cancer is rapidly escalating. For example, some food additives (especially sweeteners), are contributing to both the cancer, and diabetes epidemics. Elevated blood sugar (and insulin) not only contributes to the development of diabetes, but also provides cancer with its primary source of energy. Although common table sugar is bad enough, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which has replaced sugar in most beverages and processed foods, is actually “even worse”. It not only promotes diabetes and obesity, but also provides an optimum source or energy for cancer. Even worse HFCS also stimulates cancer growth! That’s just one example. There are many others as well – too numerous to mention here. Even some artificial sweeteners are a concern. For example, the no calorie sweetener aspartame is not a food, but instead a toxic genetically modified chemical, containing the most dangerous form of alcohol (menthol, or wood alcohol), that in the body converts to formaldehyde (embalming fluid)! That can easily establish an auto immune reaction – as the body considers embalmed tissue as foreign tissue. According to the neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., aspartame is well known as a neurotoxin, and can increase the risk of acquiring brain cancer, and several neurological conditions.Fluoride is another concern, as it depletes iodine, creating the iodine deficiency disorder (IDD). It thus contributes to reduced thyroid function, lowering the metabolism. It suppresses the critical enzyme action, damages hormone receptors, and interferes with the formation of collagen, which allows cancer cells to spread more easily to surrounding tissue. It also reduces the livers ability to remove toxins. Then, as liver detox is compromised, elevated toxins (one contributor to cancer) gradually increases. Also, children in areas with fluoridated water, were found to be 7 times as likely to acquire bone cancer. Another concern is, in both China and India, provinces which higher fluoride levels in well water (due to volcanic activity), have a much higher incidence of lower IQ in children. Not only is fluoride being added to the drinking water in many states, and toothpaste, but you will also find “high levels” of fluoride in some medications. It appears that, more and more drug manufacturers eventually discovered the secret. It’s actually an excellent way to suppress the livers detoxification. Basically, a cheap way to create a diversion tunnel around the liver, so less of the active ingredient in each drug would be required. The most cost effective approach without a doubt! The fact is, if there is anything in the blood stream toxic to the body, (including alcohol), the liver will attempt to remove it. That should be telling us something, (drugs are toxins), especially those containing fluoride, a known environmental toxin. The more inorganic chemicals we ingest daily, (whatever the source), the greater the load we will be placing on our liver, and the more toxins our cells will also be exposed to. Toxins that create an acidic environment in the cells responsible for depleting oxygen, which “normal cells” rely on. Cancer cells in turn thrive in an anaerobic (oxygen deficient) environment. Until they regain their energy, they have no other option. Something else to consider, an iodine deficiency (created by fluoride), increases the risk of acquiring both breast, and prostate cancer.As it Turns Out- Cancer is the Real Victim Cancer Cells Would Prefer to Get Back to Normal Given the OpportunityThus, our objective will be to assist them in that regard. As we were (although unknowingly) responsible for creating an environment that forced some cells to turn cancerous in the first place, reversing that process is also our responsibility. It’s also something that only we can do, as well as not that difficult. when provided with the opportunity, cancer cells would like nothing more than to regain their energy, and again return back to normal. A cells ability to produce energy, and again utilize oxygen is the key. It’s also something we can assist it in doing. Something else to consider is, cancerous cells are still our cells. They make up all our organs, and all play a vital role. Just imagine that you are a cell just doing the job you were created to do, but due to circumstances beyond your control, you eventually lost your energy. You were thus forced to convert to the more primitive fermentation, just to survive. Then imagine you were a cancer cell hoping that your host might somehow recognize your plight, and come to your rescue – our approach.Could you imagine how not only the cancer cells, but even your healthy cells, might feel if you allowed some stranger with toxic weapons (radiation and chemo) to establish an all out offensive. I would guess they might wonder if you are somehow attempting to commit suicide, yet there must be an easier way. I’ll have to admit that most oncologists do have a rather impressive rate of doing just that – in fact about 98%! Although, if that were our objective, there are many less painful, far cheaper options, with 100% success rate we could resort to, if that were our objective. Obviously that won’t be our recommendation – life is to precious, (and so is each and every cell). They will be ever so grateful, if you decide to come to their rescue.As you will discover, cancer is not really that mysterious. Just cells that gradually lost their energy necessary for metabolizing oxygen, and were thus forced to ferment, in order to survive (yet have insufficient energy to function as normal).So What Causes Normal Cells to Turn Cancerous and How Can We Reverse That ProcessFirst, we need to stop ingesting toxins. Remember, to the body, inorganic chemicals are considered as toxins. Then keep in mind that drugs are inorganic chemicals.. They are unable to create cells, or resolve any condition, although they can and do create a toxic environment, responsible for depleting oxygen. We are thus reducing a primary source of energy for all cells, (oxygen). Then the hydrogenated oils found in most processed foods, actually build unhealthy cell walls, incapable of efficiently absorbing oxygen, (any oxygen that hadn’t already been depleted by toxins). We are unknowingly suffocating the cells, and stealing their energy.It was discovered that many cancerous cells also contain either a virus or parasite – further robbing the cell of energy. Fortunately, there are things we can do to either prevent, or resolve the problem. Thus, cancer can be both prevented (and cured), and in a natural drug-free way. Most importantly, by using the proper approach, we will be rescuing the cancerous cells, and enhancing (rather than totally destroying), our overall health in the process. Never forget that, “cancer cells are still your cells” – just victims. Unfortunately, oncologists never consider what causes cancer to develop, or how it can be prevented, at least it’s not something they discuss when their patients. The problem is, disease prevention is not part of our current traditional medical paradigm. That is the only way we can begin reversing the epidemic of all disease – not just cancer.Although I can’t discuss all the details here, there is a way to replace the bad fats making up cell walls, that actually repel oxygen, with good fats that in turn absorb oxygen. There is also a way to kill any pathogens (such as viruses or parasites), that create toxins and steal energy from a cell. There is also a way to enhance the energy of the mitochondria (the cells powerhouse) in the cancerous cells, so they will finally have sufficient energy, to begin metabolizing oxygen, as they once did. We can even neutralize the lactic acid cancer creates during the fermentation process. Acid that not only depletes oxygen, but also creates the pain normally associated with cancer. It’s basically a win-win for both you, and your cells, that were once forced to turn cancerous. Never forget, the health our all our cells is our ultimate responsibility, and something we can influence. Also, the only way any disease can be truly cured, is to understand what we were doing wrong that allowed the disease to develop, in the first place. It’s called disease prevention. Could you imagine the prognosis that you have cancer, and that you must be placed on the highly toxic radiation and chemotherapy immediately. That would immediately stimulate the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which would contribute to elevated blood sugar, actually promoting the growth of cancer. It would also suppress your immune system, (your best defense against cancer). Contrast that with the diagnosis that you have cancer, although fortunately you have several natural, inexpensive, pain free, therapies to choose from. Protocols capable of reversing the process, and restoring cancer cells back to normal – not nearly as stressful.Coming To The Rescue Save the Cancer, and You’ll Save Your LifeOn the surface it might possibly seem counter intuitive, but hopefully it will soon begin making sense. We seldom hear about our role in the gradual process that causes a normal cell to turn cancerous in the first place. In order to prevent any disease, we need to understand exactly what causes the disease to develop initially. The more in-depth our understanding of the underlying contributors to a particular disease – the more effective the cure. Only then can any disease be prevented — or cured for that matter. Actually, a protocol for preventing a disease is very similar to the cure. Yet curing any disease (although similar) will normally be more aggressive. Cells are forced to turn cancerous only when their energy level is depleted, to the point that they no longer have sufficient energy to metabolize oxygen. Thus, they are forced to revert to the more primitive fermentation process, in order to survive. It’s a natural adaptation process that creates cells lacking any meaningful function, and normal DNA control, (cancer). Yet they are still live cells, that unchecked do pose a threat. One way to eliminate that threat is, to assist any cancerous cells regain their energy, and convert back to normal function once again.Although cancerous cells consume considerably more calories than normal cells, they actually produce far less energy. Fermentation (without oxygen) is actually a very inefficient process, that requires very little energy. The good news is, we can if we so chose, reverse that process. Thus that is in my opinion, an option worth considering.Not only that but, it’s thought that millions in the nation already have “undiagnosed” cancer. It often takes “many years” for cancer to develop to the point that it is initially diagnosed. It thus makes perfect sense for everyone to begin practicing cancer prevention, now that we know that cancer can be prevented, and as it turns out – it’s relatively easy. That’s the most effective way I’m aware of, to finally win the war on cancer. A war that has been so elusive all these years! Not only that but, by incorporating my simple protocol, your overall health will begin to improve in the process. Only when we have unhealthy cells, and thus unhealthy organs, will we experience any disease. The good news is – disease is preventable, and you can learn how.When Searching for the Cause – I Discovered the SolutionAfter researching many different “alternative therapies” over the years. I came to the conclusion that there are two basic approaches, for resolving cancer. Both appear to have a surprisingly high success rate. One would involve killing the cancer, followed by breaking down and removing the dead cancer cells. Although I eventually discovered what I would consider a much better, and less toxic option. The good news is, it wouldn’t require the removal of dead cancer cells, (basically toxins). Using the alternate more compassionate approach, there shouldn’t be any remaining cancer cells, (dead or alive)! It was after considerable research, that I eventually encountered a quite amazing discovery. I finally concluded that a new cancer paradigm was possibly in order. It appears that the war on cancer can truly be won. No more “eternal war” on cancer! Rather than being highly toxic, very painful, and “super expensive”, as traditional cancer therapies are, our approach will instead be super cheap, totally safe, and will actually enhance your overall health. Even better, they are all do-it-yourself therapies, that are actually surprisingly simple. Best of all, the success rate should be “far better” than the traditional highly toxic cancer therapies, and absolutely no healthy cells will be sacrificed in the process – not one!Only when we become our body’s best friend, rather than its worst enemy, will we ever experience “true healing”, a principle that applies to all disease – not just cancer.I might add that I am currently writing a book on cancer, in which I will discuss in considerable detail some inexpensive, yet very effective, natural cancer therapies. I will be covering both approaches I referred to, earlier, (killing or converting cancer cells). Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient space here to discuss them in more detail.For more information see my website at

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