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My story is one of a woman who survived cancer with alternative cancer treatment. When I was diagnosed with cancer the second time, all the visions of pain, medical procedures, doctors, waiting rooms and horrible sickness revived in my mind. My eyes swelled with tears as I thought of the worst. How could all of this be happening to me again? I had been diagnosed with throat cancer two years earlier and treated with the normal cancer cures of chemotherapy and radiation. The cancer went into remission. With my immune system down, I attracted an amoeba in my right eye causing blindness for almost a year plus I had a heart attack and heart surgery. I survived all of these trials and was getting well again, or so I thought.I started to work professionally again after illness upon illness. However, one day I felt pain in my throat shooting up to my right ear again. I knew the signs and went straight to the oncologist for cancer treatment. The conjecture was that the newest cancer cures of Tomotherapy Radiation and Chemotherapy had not worked in my case. The doctors would treat the cancer again. However, this time the doctors prescribed what they termed as “salvage surgery.” Just as the name might suggest, this surgery is very radical. The procedure entails removing a part of the right jaw and the neck artery, a part of the tongue, a part of the throat, removing the artery from the right hand to replace the neck artery, removing a patch if skin from the left shoulder to use skin to make a flap for the newly patched artery, insert a tracheotomy, and place a stomach tube for nourishment.My face would have been deformed. My ability for speech would have changed and never be the same again. I would have lost my ability to swallow for a very long time, possibly forever, and I would be dependent on others to care for me. In my estimate, this was not a way I wanted to live the rest of my life; cancer or no cancer.The first part of my journey was to get three professional opinions on fighting cancer from the top three surgeons in the world today. The three opinions came from:1. University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia where I had been treated for the first cancer treatment.2. Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California to their Top Oncology Center.3. Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona to check out Trans Oral Micro Laser Surgery for Throat Cancer. This is a fairly new procedure done by only two renowned doctors in the world; one of them is at Mayo Clinic.All of the doctors were in agreement that surgery was the only solution for my cure for cancer. Their surgical procedures differed slightly, but all agreed that chemotherapy and radiation had not worked. None of the suggested surgical procedures were minimalistic. My life would have drastically changed. My face would have a piece missing and I would never be able to look in the mirror again without crying.I had to find a “miracle cancer cure.” This is where my journey to alternative cancer treatment began. I read articles from doctors and cancer survivors alike where the body has incredible recuperative powers. I also read that “thoughts are things.” I realized that I had thought myself into all of these illnesses. Simple logic would tell you “if I thought myself into all of these illnesses, then I can ‘think’ myself out of this ‘dis-eased’ state.” I began to study and to search for a natural cancer cure. I also had to reach down inside my own being and analyze just what made me get cancer in the first place.Another part of my journey was to begin to listen to my “inner self” and to be my own best friend. When you are faced with illness, and are busy going to doctors, you have very little time to sit and ponder why you got the illness. And yet, this very action is just as essential to your wellness as the medicine you take; in fact, possibly more essential.I came to the realization that “cancer was just the symptom of something much deeper.” Our mind is in control of both our conscious and subconscious actions. The brain runs the show. Have you ever questioned what your thoughts are giving “action signals” to your brain? What are we thinking in order to get ourselves sick with something as serious as cancer?After making the decision to “turn down salvage surgery” I knew I needed to take another path to wellness; this time, the path to alternative medicine. Alternative cancer treatment is where my journey and where the story I have to tell others began. I have successfully cured myself of cancer, changed my life, and discovered why such a great percentage of people in the world today have cancer.I have an incredible story to tell of how I cured my “self” of cancer. First of all, our food supply is being manufactured in such a way that it is poisoning millions of people slowly each day. There are very easy solutions to this problem. I followed a cancer diet cure which I have termed the “Anti-Cancer Diet” stressing strongly on cancer fighting foods. Being a gourmet and a “Foodie,” I had to develop recipes which were not only anti-cancer foods, but also taste and look wonderful. Secondly, we all have environmental choices. If you smoke or are in a smoke-filled environment, you need to stop. Consider the consequences seriously. But more important than the others is “your mind.” What is going on in your sub-conscious mind which enabled you to attract “dis-ease?” Thoughts are things, and you have attracted cancer to yourself. With some very simple exercises and “thought-changing” concepts, your cancer can be cured as well as any other illness.Your body has a very strong recuperative power. You can “Cure Your ‘Self’ of Cancer” just the way I did. Alternative cancer cures are proving to people there is another way to rid ourselves of this dreaded disease named cancer. A healthy body, mind and spirit are possible even if you are deathly ill right at the moment. I am living proof to this fact. At a time when three of the top oncologists in the world today agreed that the only solution to my cancer diagnosis was radical “salvage surgery” I looked cancer in the eye and beat it. You can do this as well. It takes courage to educate you about alternative cancer cures. I believe my journey can be a lesson to others who are sick with cancer. Know that your cancer can be cured.Copyright 2010 Carol E. Patterson. All Rights Reserved.

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