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The UV rays in the sun are harmful to your skin, especially when exposed to it without applying any SPFs. It not only dulls your skin by causing sunburns, excessive tanning, and even rashes but also could potentially cause skin cancer. Skin cancer usually occurs due to rapid growth in skin cells, typically in parts that are more exposed to the sunlight. 

However, you may even experience it in areas that may not be in direct contact with the sunlight. So if your skin acts out more abnormally than usual, immediately consult Bowling Green dermatologist. The earlier your cancer gets detected and you move ahead with the screening process, the better the chances are of your recovery. 

Also, note that if your symptoms are mild, especially in case of a family history of skin cancer, you must immediately schedule an appointment for the screening. 

Below are a few tips to help you prepare yourself for skin cancer screening: 

Do not wear makeup or nail art: Make sure your bare skin is visible, as a thorough check-up for moles or any abnormal skin condition is necessary.

Wash your hair and loosely tie it: Your hair needs to be clean, so if there are any hidden moles in your scalp, it will be noticeable. Make sure you wash your hair the night before your screening. 

Maintain a Journal: From the moment you first noticed the abnormality in your skin to the date leading up to your screening appointment, note down every tiny observation. Make sure you even note down the data from your at-home self-screening analysis.

Follow the steps mentioned below to conduct your at-home screening:

  1. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and observe each body part thoroughly.
  2. Raise your arms and check underneath it, even twist your elbows.
  3. Check your nails and the gaps between your fingers.
  4. Analyze the sole of your feet to the gaps between your fingers and even the nails.
  5. Finally, observe your scalp and intimate areas; for better access, use a hand mirror.

In case of abnormal skin observations in the above points, be it through blemishes, patches, small dots, burning sensations, or even birthmarks that you were not born with – then it could be a clear indication of skin cancer.

Make sure you discuss this analysis with your dermatologist on the day of your appointment, as it will help them understand your symptoms better.

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