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The U.S.A Farm Bill of 2018 states that the industrial hemp must be cultivated in U.S.A. only and not imported. Also, the Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from this industrial hemp, under FDA supervision, is legal to use. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive and intoxicating compound, should be maintained at a legal level of 0.30% by dry weight.

This legalization has flourished the market with large number of CBD brands and products. There is no strict federal law to govern the genuineness of CBD products. You may not be sure of whether your CBD products has health benefits or any serious side effects. Let us find out how you can have a pure and genuine CBD products before you buy one.

Understanding the CBD compound, its origin and its extracted products

The two species of Cannabis Sativa plant, industrial hemp and cannabis (marijuana), contains 100 of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the two primary cannabinoids among them. The industrial hemp contains high volume of CBD content, which has medicinal properties, and are legal to use in most of the states in U.S.A.

The cannabis has high level of THC content, and has psychoactive and intoxicating effects. They are considered as Schedule 1 drug and are illegal in the U.S.A. Your CBD store should furnish Certificate of Analysis (COA) report that confirms the legal level of 0.30% THC in your CBD product.

The Just CBD Store, in the subcontinental of the U.S.A., is highly experienced and have premium CBD products. They can provide COA as their raw material and CBD products are lab tested batchwise. They have CBD products in the form of gummies, vape oil, oil tinctures, edibles, soaps, CBD for pets, creams and capsules to choose from.

The purest form of CBD can be extracted only by using CO2 extraction method. CBD can also be extracted by using agents like olive oil and a solvent. These processes can make CBD toxic and bitter in taste as these two agents are not 100% filtered out. Your CBD product should not contain any additives as they have harmful health effects.

You should buy a full spectrum CBD product as it contains other essential cannabinoids, fiber and proteins. They have more health benefits than isolate CBD products. The isolate CBD products contains purely CBD without any essential cannabinoids. You should check the product label to verify the manufacturing date, batch number, actual contents, any additives contents, dosage, THC level and supplier’s license for manufacturing CBD product.

How does CBD act inside your body? How to consume them?

CBD stimulates and regulates the receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). It helps the normal bodily functions such as sleep, immune system, metabolism and pain management to work more efficiently. It does not stick with receptors that effects brain and other nervous system to cause intoxicating effects.

The time taken to show the result of any CBD product depends upon the method of ingests. Generally, vaping or smoking through medical equipment has faster action time than consuming pills or oil tinctures. Initially, you can start with small dose of CBD product and increase amount till you feel relieved from your ailments. You have to check product label to choose right combination of CBD and THC contents based on your requirement.

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