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Keeping your teeth in tip-top shape is essential to maintaining your beautiful smile and healthy mouth. However, sometimes this can’t be done by simply brushing your teeth and flossing every day. You may need more intensive care for problems that arise, such as cavities or cracks. Dental crowns are incredibly common, and you probably know someone who currently has one in his or her mouth.

If you’re having problems with a tooth, you may need to look into getting a crown. Try searching for dentists near you who can help, such as “dental crowns parkland fl.” Here are three things you might be wondering about dental crowns and how the procedure might impact you.

The Purpose of Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be implemented for a variety of reasons. If a tooth becomes weak and unstable due to a fissure or unnatural opening, a crown can be placed on top to keep the tooth from fracturing more. In the cases of a root canal, a crown must be placed on the remainder of the tooth to prevent further damage. Other issues can include problematic fillings or too much wear on teeth.

What to Expect from the Procedure

If you go in to get a dental crown, the dentist will first provide a numbing agent to the tooth (which may affect some of the surrounding area of your mouth). The dentist will remove part of the problem tooth and get a mold of what is left to create a temporary crown. Once the permanent crown arrives, that will be cemented onto what is left of your original tooth.

Worries About Pain

You’ll have nothing to fear about receiving a crown. While teeth are full of sensitive nerves, a numbing agent is applied to the specific tooth to prevent you from feeling any pain.

Don’t fret about getting a dental crown. Once it’s on, you’ll wonder how you went for so long without it in the first place.


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