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There is some level of confidence that comes from having a sparkling white set of teeth. It makes you not hide your smile. If you’re struggling with discolored teeth, it would be best if you find help from cosmetic dental caregivers. They will be put through a teeth whitening treatment to help your teeth attain a stunning white appearance. However, for the best assistance, look for competent teeth whitening centers. Get quality service at such places. Book an appointment with a specialist in teeth whitening in Emerson for help.

Where Does Teeth Discoloration Come From?

The aging process tends to cause all sorts of changes in the body. One of them takes place in the dental structures whereby the dentin tends to be darker. At the same time, the enamel slowly becomes thin. The yellow dentin, therefore, becomes more visible, which makes the teeth lose the white color. The grinding of teeth also contributes to the wearing off.

Other than the exposure of the dentin, other factors lead to discoloration. One of them is drinking red wine and coffee frequently. Smoking tobacco is also another major cause. It’s worth noting that discoloration due to genetics and excess fluoride in the teeth structure doesn’t respond fast to the treatments.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The professional teeth whitening service providers make use of a peroxide-bleaching agent. What this substance does is work on the internal dentin by whitening it up. It makes the whole discoloration of the teeth vanish. For a more efficient bleaching effect, the specialist will apply some special light over the teeth carefully. It helps in making the soaking bleaching agent serve the purpose well.

Even after working on the dentin, there could still be some stains on the teeth’s outer surfaces. That is where polishing comes in. The team will do thorough teeth polishing to remove any form of stain; hence, the whole procedure becomes more satisfactory.

At-Home Trays vs. In-Office Procedures

It’s always better to seek professional help than to go to the over-the-counter products. Despite the home remedies giving results to the discoloration, there is a downside: lack of proper evaluation. When you visit a dental care facility, the dentist’s first thing is comprehensively to know your medical history and health condition. This helps in determining whether the treatment is fit for you or not.

Besides, you’ll see the changes faster. A thirty to sixty minutes treatment will give promising results. Paying a visit two to three times will make you achieve more excellent results. On the other hand, a home remedy could involve using the same professional grade but still not give the right outcome quickly.

Post-Treatment Care

After a successful procedure, the doctor will advise on how to prevent the problem from recurring. For instance, you may need to reduce the consumption of red wine and coffee. If you are into smoking, it could be the right time to stop. Finding a drug rehabilitation facility can be a great idea.

White teeth usually bring a sense of confidence to a person. Looking for a specialist in teeth whitening is vital as you’ll get the proper treatment to deal with the discoloration of the dentin. The procedure will also involve the removal of stains on the exterior enamel.

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