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Everyone envisions a sparkling smile, one that you are proud to flaunt to everyone. Unfortunately, having your pearly whites dazzling is not as easy as you may think. Besides brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleaning, you may need a teeth whitening appointment to give you the desired smile. Every dental patient who has tried Falls Church teeth whitening treatments understands that discolored or stained teeth can be embarrassing. Unappealing teeth will tempt you to hide your smile behind your handkerchief every time you wish to burst out in laughter for fear of what other people might say about them. Tooth discoloration does not indicate poor dental health. Age may also be a contributing factor.

What dental concerns might hinder a successful whitening process?

Though a brighter smile is what you expect after a whitening process, several factors stand in your way of showing off your dazzling pearly whites. For instance, the substances your dentist uses during the process may not penetrate plaque build-up. Additionally, exposing your roots to the treatment may result in discomfort and sensitivity.

Therefore, before a whitening procedure, your dentist may assess areas of your teeth the whitening substances might not penetrate, including:

  • Past dental treatments
  • Past dental trauma that resulted in teeth darkening
  • Exposure to particular antibiotics during the formation period
  • Areas that have experienced overexposure to fluoride    

What must you know about the process before your appointment?

  • Be realistic

Everyone has unique reasons why they decide to consult their dentists for teeth whitening. Before the treatment, you should know that you are unique and might not have brilliantly white teeth like your friends. Besides the foods and drinks you consume that may discolor your teeth, discoloration may also occur as you age. Therefore, before you book a teeth whitening appointment, be sure you have a reason that best suits you.

  • Research on the various whitening treatments

There is a wide range of treatments your dentist might recommend, all of which might brighten your dull smile. Unfortunately, not every technique will suit your unique needs. For instance, if your doctor evaluates your conditions and finds professional bleaching agents aggressive, the medical expert may recommend home-kits. Your healthcare provider might also advise you not to try any process without consulting him, as the wrong treatment might result in adverse dental damage.

  • There is no perfection in the treatment

You are likely to be in for a disappointment if you expect the treatment to give you a shade brighter than your teeth’ existing color. The good news is that your dentist may suggest other options like dental crowns or veneers to give you the desired smile.

  • Expect side effects

Like any other treatment, a teeth whitening procedure has side effects. However, you should not be afraid when you have a professional dentist working on your teeth. Not everyone experiences side effects. However, if you do, you may feel mild sensitivity around your gums. The best part is that the side effects are temporary and likely to resolve a few days after the process.

Teeth whitening can be uncomfortable, especially when you have sensitive teeth. Consult your dentist to know if a teeth whitening process is what you need to show off your smile. 

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