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When looking forward to visiting a specialist for dentures in Hilliard, you may be worried about how everything will turn out. One of your biggest concerns is if dentures are right for you. If they are not, you might be wondering whether other tooth replacement options will work. You can reduce your dental anxiety by listing questions you want to pose to a dentist at Innovative Dental Ideas about the dos and don’ts of dentures. Here are some experiences you can expect when going in for dentures:

  1. Expect minor bleeding

Replacing teeth using dentures might look like a traumatic experience due to bleeding. Fortunately, the bleeding will only occur during the session, not afterward. Your dentist will control your bleeding by making you bite a gauze pad. If the bleeding persists, your dentist might apply tea bags for up to one hour to control it. Please do not remove the tea bags or moistened gauze unless the bleeding is beyond your control. After your treatment, it would be best to avoid drinking hot beverages and being active.

  1. Dentures are not for everyone

Not everyone is eligible for dentures depending on variable factors. In an event where a dentist recommends you to get dentures, it means they have identified a severe gum disease or injury. While other treatment options might be suitable, not all of them are considered tooth replacement options. Whatever your reason, getting dentures can perfect your smile, restore your self-esteem and quality of life.

  1. Your diet might change

If you are a fan of solid foods, now might not be a good time to put your new dentures to the test. You are strictly advised to take liquids without using straws. If possible, use a glass for drinking. Chewing is strictly prohibited on the day of your surgery. Take fluids rich in protein to speed up your recovery. Even as you drink liquids, avoid situations that might predispose you to dehydration.

  1. Adopt good oral care habits

Dentures can only last long if you practice good oral care habits such as regular brushing and flossing. After your surgery, avoid any temptations of rinsing your wounded mouth with water or any other solution. Most dentists recommend patients visit them after three days, so make sure you honor your appointment. During your revision visit, your dentist might want to determine if they fixed your dentures correctly and if you followed their pieces of advice.

  1. A pre-surgery appointment is necessary

Fixing dentures cannot happen overnight without your dentist examining your mouth’s current status. Your dentist will examine your jaw bone, gums, and other surrounding tissues to determine if you are medically fit for dentures before your surgery.

See a general dentist for dentures

Knowing what to expect when going for dentures reduces dental anxiety and teaches you how to care for them after your treatment. If you do not know how to go about it, ask your dentist some questions. To find out if you qualify for dental dentures or any other tooth-replacement option, book an online appointment with your dentist.

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