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Dentures, also known as false teeth, are synthetic replacements for missing natural teeth. Their popularity has grown over time hence readily available in the market. As such, Dr. Nadja Horst provides Pembroke Pines dentures to enable you to enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence. Dentures are either acrylic or metallic and are used to replace all-natural teeth or fill in the space left by missing teeth.

Types of dentures

Different types of dentures replace all of your gum, teeth, and surrounding tissues. Tooth loss due to tooth decay, poor oral care, tooth extraction, smoking, autoimmune diseases, gum disease, facial injuries, old age, and infection-causing facial muscles to sag.

Therefore, dentures are designed to fill out your facial profile, improve appearance, and make it easier for you to eat, chew and speak without redundancy.

 Should brush dentures daily to remove plaque, tartar, and stains since they act and feel like your natural teeth.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are replacements for your entire set of teeth. They are entirely customized to restore your natural teeth’ shape and look, improving your mastication, meaning you can grind, crush, and eat without difficulties.

It is suitable for young patients who have lost their teeth due to injury and older people. They are reversible, hence providing an option of keeping them or getting another type.

Fixed partial dentures (FPD)

These implant-supported bridges use a few existing teeth as abutments to replace missing teeth in a row.


  • Improves aesthetics
  • They are permanent; hence you fill secure
  • Stronger and offers long protection of the oral structure
  • Better tooth positioning and bites

Removable partial dentures (RPD)

RPD only replaces some of the missing teeth. They are built onto a metal cast framework for strength and restore natural look, feel, and teeth functionality.

The following are two types of RPD that can be removed at any time and replaced easily;

Cast partial dentures: Made of tissue-colored acrylic, replacement teeth, and metal framework to hold all the materials together.

Acrylic partial dentures: These flippers are made of acrylic resin and mimic your teeth’ natural look and function.

Implant retained dentures

Overdentures do not permanently attach to dental implants but click into place and latch onto the abutment to support the entire set of teeth, improve chewing, and increase teeth stability. The types of overdentures are locator-attached, which replace lower permanent teeth, and bar attachment supports a complete set of false teeth in the lower jaw.

The overdentures are long-lasting, natural-looking, and provide better biting and chewing surfaces.

Immediate dentures

They are used directly after extraction of your natural teeth, and they are of two types as follows;

Conventional immediate dentures: Removable artificial teeth created for immediate use after teeth extraction.

Interim immediate dentures: Removable artificial teeth are designed to improve aesthetic value and appearance.

Snap-in dentures: Snap-on dentures are removable and are held in place by dental implants screwed on the jawbone.

Talk to your prosthodontists today

Having false teeth does not depend on your age but rather the problem you are having. Tooth loss can cause difficulties in chewing, biting, speaking, and even getting embarrassed to smile. Book an appointment with 601 Dental Studio PA in Florida and be able to fill out your facial profile, speak well, chew and bite your favorite food and reclaim back your beautiful smile.

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