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What would you do if your skin turned red or even blue? Just imagine the aesthetic damage such a situation can have on your mental health. Many vascular problems have a significant impact on your overall looks; that is why you need to find a Mesa foot discoloration expert to retouch your legs so that they can regain their original form.

What causes foot discoloration?

Many issues can cause foot discoloration. However, the most probable one is Peripheral Arterial Disease, an issue that affects the amount of blood flow to the heart. Mostly, you get the problem due to a poor lifestyle that involves sedentary activity, poor diet, or a lot of drugs. Gradually, as your blood fails to reach the heart adequately, your foot begins to change color.

A mild to moderate form of the issue can make you self-conscious with your looks as they begin to change. On the other hand, an extreme form of the issue can lead to tissues’ death due to the complete lack of or little oxygen. At such a point, you get a clear discoloration in your foot, severe pain, and swelling.

How does leg discoloration Begin?

Chronic venous insufficiency is one reason for discoloration, which gets worse without an appointment with your doctor. The discoloration is a skin issue that becomes more apparent with the underlying heart issues. Venous insufficiency is closely related to varicose veins and is the major reason for the latter disease. Your veins have special tools in them called the valves that inhibit your blood from moving backward; when the valves fail, your blood builds up in the legs, making you susceptible to high blood pressure in your lower body parts. Such pressure pushes out the accumulated blood to adjacent tissues, making your skin appear purplish or bluish.

Without proper treatment, you can also get other stasis issues that resemble eczema, as it makes your legs look scaly and dry.

What are the proper treatments for leg discoloration?

Kirk Minkus, MD, has a customized method for dealing with heart issues. You will receive a diagnosis that recognizes your special symptoms and a treatment geared to the same. Some treatments for the problems include:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency

This is an issue that requires a unique focus, as it affects people differently. In most cases, the first line of treatment is the use of compression stockings to replenish your tissues with adequate oxygen. A point to note is that your doctor will provide this treatment before looking at advanced, more invasive treatments if the first line does not provide the required help.

  • Peripheral arterial disease

This issue needs your doctor to clear away the plaque that has built up over the years. A procedure that can help achieve that includes interventional radiology that involves catheters to avail the medicine to the affected vessels.

Redefine your looks with interventional methods from Kirk Minkus, MD. Such treatment ensures your health and aesthetics are in order. Begin your journey to the redefinition by calling or reaching the center via a phone call or making an appointment online.

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