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Addiction can be treated. The effects of abusing drugs tend to linger even after stopping to use the substance. It can have a devastating impact on a person. This is why getting drug treatment ,Sacramento California is essential. It helps addicts experience long-term sobriety and quit compulsive drug seeking tendencies. Drug treatment can occur in various settings with different techniques and tenure. The treatment process could include behavioral therapies, medications or a combination of both. Here are the components of a comprehensive drug treatment program.

Treatment Duration

Since people progress at various speeds, there’s no predetermined duration of treatment. According to research, however, good outcomes depend on the adequate duration of treatment. For outpatient or residential treatment, participating in a treatment program for less than 90 days won’t show good results.

Medical Detoxification

Medical detoxification is all about safely managing acute physical withdrawal symptoms. It’s the first phase of addiction treatment, but detoxification alone is not enough to help the patient achieve long-term sobriety. However, for some individuals, detoxification is a highly recommended precursor to effective treatment for drug addiction.

Matching Treatment Program to Each Patient

No two patients are the same, so their treatment program should also differ. It is essential to match the treatment setting, services, and interventions to the specific needs of the patient. Effective drug treatment addresses the patient’s multiple needs, not only his drug use. In order for treatment to be effective, it must address the patient’s drug use as well as any associated vocational, legal, medical, social and psychological problems.

Behavioral therapies and Counseling

Behavioral therapies and counseling are essential components of effective treatment. Patients build skills to resist temptation, deal with issues of motivation and replace drug-using habits with rewarding and constructive activities. Behavioral therapy can help improve the patient’s interpersonal relationships and ability to function in the community. It modifies the patient’s behaviors and attitude related to drug use.

How Devices and Medications are Used in Drug Treatment

There are devices and medications that can be used to treat co-occurring conditions, manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse. NSS-2 Bridge, an electronic stimulation device placed behind the ear, can help reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with an opioid. It sends electrical pulses to stimulate brain nerves.

Medications are used to decrease cravings and re-establish the normal functioning of the brain. Opioid addiction is often treated with buprenorphine, naltrexone, and methadone. Buprenorphine and methadone relieve cravings and suppress withdrawal symptoms. Naltrexone is used to block the effects of opioids. However, it should only be used by those who have already been detoxified.

Acamprosate may alleviate long-lasting withdrawal symptoms like dysphoria, insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety. This medication may be more effective in those who have a severe addiction. There are also medications that are used to treat co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Patients can get treatment in different settings. Residential or inpatient treatment can be effective for those with severe problems. Patients have to stay in the facility throughout the treatment program. Accredited residential treatment facilities provide 24-hour intensive and structured care to patients.

Outpatient behavioral treatment is an option for those who don’t want to stay in the facility. Most of the treatment programs offered include group and individual drug counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy offered by drug treatment Sacramento California.

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