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When you’re facing that inevitable drug test during your employment process or at your current workplace, and you’ve been smoking some pot in the previous period, you’re certainly wondering what options you have to make the results come out negative.

It’s a good question to ask because getting positive results shouldn’t be an option for you. Why? Because finding out you’ve been taking drugs might mean not just the end of your career but also the end of the life as you know it. Read more about drug testing on this link.

How can this be? Because when your employer finds out you’ve been taking drugs, they will certainly get you fired. Trying to get a new job in your field will be very hard. Your old boss won’t give you a recommendation letter and your resume will look terrible when the new employers find out you’ve been sacked because of drug use.

That’s why you need to do everything you can to clean your hair from toxins and pass that test. In this article, we’re talking about the three shampoos that will help you in this effort. Read on and find out about them!

Aloe Rid Old Formula

The ultimate product on the market is this one. It’s the only proven product to work. The reason for this lies in the ingredients that this product is made of.

Most of them are the same as every normal shampoo people use every day for personal hygiene. You can see that on the label. That’s why this one can be used daily even if you have no drug-related need. It’s an excellent formula that will keep your hair clean and toxin-free because of the rest of the ingredients inside.

The one that makes all the difference is called propylene glycol. It is a chemical substance that does something very significant to our hair. It strips down the layers of each one on our head and makes a clear way for the water to reach inside and wash everything that has built-up during the forming of the follicle.

For this to happen, you have to follow the instructions that the manufacturer wrote and is proven to be the best for optimal results. The most important thing is to wash regularly. It’s needed a thorough wash up to 4 times a day and for two weeks in a raw.

After this, your hair will toxin-free. If you don’t follow the instructions, some of the particles might stay inside and intact. The lab practitioner might cut the one sample that has narcotic ingredients and you’ll fall on the exam. This is why you need to wash like prescribed. See more about it on

Zydot Ultra Clear

The second-best choice is this one. It uses a completely different approach and method than our first choice. This one is not equipped with the propylene glycol substance because it battles its way on the market with a different solving method.

What it does is that it creates a time window frame during which the lab practitioners are unable to uncover the drugs. The shampoo actually masks the ingredients and toxins in your hair and with it makes it harder for the officials to see what’s inside.

This option is the best for those that have no time to solve the problem in another way. If the first option requires 2 weeks of washing, this one needs just a day or two. That’s because the method of work does this. At least they claim it does.

We say at least because a lot of their users complain that the shampoo didn’t help them. Others claim that it was great and worked perfectly. The reason for this is because of the number of drug particles in your system. Heavy users will have much more trouble in masking the narcotics, while those who smoked rarely will have a bigger chance.

Macujo method

As a combination of both and as one of the best options available on the market is the macujo method that combines more products into one. The classic macujo is made of the Aloe Rid shampoo, white vinegar, pink Clean and Clear crème, and Tide detergent.

However, lately, a lot of people are using the Zydot formula too. The reason for this is that they can’t do more harm than gain more chance to do better on the test.

This method should be performed at least 10 days after which the chances to get negative results are way bigger. What you should do is first put some of the vinegar on a slightly wetted hair. Rub the scalp and then add the Clean and Clear. Do the same.

Leave these two ingredients on your head for 30 minutes and then wash it off with the first shampoo we mentioned. After this, wash again first with the detergent, and then with the second shampoo. Repeat the process more times a day and after 10 days you’ll be drug-free.

There’s a slight problem and concern for this because the detergent and the Zydot are damaging your hair. After 10 days the problem can be really big. However, if you think there’s no other option, go for it. The hair will grow back again and your career might be over forever. If you want to learn more about the macujo, click here:


If we have to declare a winner, we’d say that the Aloe Rid is the ultimate winner. Even though its price is higher, it’s the only natural way to get rid of the problem. The macujo method combines this ingredient a lot of others which makes it a lot more expensive, while the second choice is the most affordable but gives you the worst results if used alone.

If you’re facing the narcotic work test, you need to do the best choice you have at the moment. Don’t waste money on things that solve nothing. Only accept the best options. Get this product, and make sure you work your way through it.

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