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When we maintain ourselves, the saying of “age is just a number”, would become true. To have yourself healthy and look good you need to look after yourself before you become 50. These are the important points that you must need to consider so that you have a healthy lifestyle and maintain your look after 50:

Healthy diet:

It is very important to choose a healthy diet and become more conscious of your health as the diet plays a very important role in our looks. To have a fresh look, you just need to add vegetables, fruits and protein in your diet which works as an anti-aging agent for your skin and also helps to reduce the weight. It’s also very important for a person to have a proper diet plan for himself as it will help him to manage the diet accordingly.

Use sunscreen:

We all know that sunlight is very good for us but we also have ignored the fact that the UV rays of sunlight will also breakdown the skin fiber and because of the skin fiber break down our skin automatically loosen up its elasticity so, if you spend your most of the time in direct sunlight you need to use sunscreen that contains SPF 30 so that it gets protection from the rays of sun. Also for more safety of your skin to prevent the sunburn, use hat so that your hat works as a protection shield for your face.

Get yourself a beauty treatment:

Different salons offer skincare treatment like facelift surgery Sydney. There is facelift plastic surgery for face to looks younger and attractive. Make sure to have beauty treatment for yourself so that you will look younger than your age

Sleep more:

It is very crucial for your skin that you take a night of proper sleep, as studies suggest that seven to eight hours of sleep will help you to look younger, so, sleep well to look well. Your face must look fresh as it is representing you. The more you care for your sleep routine the more you have healthier skin and the more you have a chance to maintain yourself after 50.

Stand up straight:

When you have a good posture your body will have a habit of a straight, make sure to stand straight, pull your shoulder back and tighten your core. Standing straight will eventually help you against the back pain and also give you a younger look. According to expert, by standing straight you will look healthier and also appears 10 pounds lighter and you look more confident.

Smile more:

People who look happy are considering to be younger as compared to people with serious expression or angry expression. According to researchers, the people with a happier face is underestimated by the average age of 2 years

Drink Detox water:

With each passing year, you will observe more puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes. Because of dehydration, your skin will be in worse condition, so it is very important to have a detoxify water in your daily routine. In a jug of water, add citrus fruit slices and drink. The citrus fruit helps the liver to flush the toxin from the body and makes your skin looks younger. Also, the detox water will help to reduce the weight of your body.


Moisturizing your skin daily will helps your skin to look good and younger. As dry skin will look dull and aged, coconut can also work as a moisturizer with a low budget. To have skin with a healthier look, you just need to moisturize your face, body, and hands. Do not ignore the hand while moisturizing the face. Moisturizer will help your skin to look even-toned. According to DR BERNHARD FINK, if your skin looks even-toned you look younger than your age.


By adding yoga in your life will eventually make you feel good and fresh. Yoga is very effective to correct your posture and also helps to loosen the muscular knot which is caused by the tension. Yoga helps you to distress your body and makes your body work effectively.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliating your face will help to remove your dead cells. Before going to bed make sure to exfoliate your face. Taking care of your skin will helps you look younger and make your skin smoother and radiant.

Enjoy your life:

Enjoying your life and gave time to yourself will also help you to look younger. Stress causes wrinkles to your face and will, later on, become part of your, relax and keep your face away from wrinkles.

Dress decently:

To look younger, you need to dress up decently. Make sure to choose your dress according to your age group so that you look trendy as well as classy.  The dressing can create a huge impact on your personality, so choose the right look for yourself.


To have a maintained look, you must need to consider the points. Make sure to have a healthier diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is also very important to exercise daily and have stress free life for the betterment of your body. Get a night of proper sleep and have a routine for a healthy life. These steps with nutrition, exercise, and skincare will automatically make the saying come true, “age is just a matter of numbers”.


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