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Cataract is the progressive development of a cloudiness in the natural lens (Crystalline), which interferes with the passage of light towards the retina, producing an effect similar to that of looking through a misted glass. The main cause of its appearance is advanced age; although there are other factors that can influence, such as diabetes, trauma, high myopia, use of corticosteroids, etc.

What are the symptoms like?

Affected people describe the condition as similar to the effect of seeing through a waterfall or wax paper, with a gradual blurring or diminishing of vision. Reading becomes progressively difficult, an annoying glare is usually present, with halos around the lights and even double vision. As the cataract worsens, frequent prescription changes are necessary in the prescription of the lenses.

How is the Cataract treated?

There is currently no medical treatment to prevent or reverse the progress of cataract. It is only treated by surgical removal.

What results can you expect?

The improvement in the quality of life of patients operated on for cataracts at present is extraordinary. More than 90% of people achieve vision greater than 20/40. Most kraff eye patients can perform normal far-vision activities without the need for glasses (except for those patients with previous astigmatism). In some cases it does not improve to this point if there is a disease in the retina (maculopathy). Hence, the importance of a thorough examination of the price of Cataract Surgery. The use of reading glasses is necessary due to presbyopia, a condition associated with age. You will need to wear close-up glasses unless you have decided to opt for multifocal intraocular lenses.

What is the best time to operate a cataract?

The best results are obtained in people with an early stage cataract. It is preferable not to wait for the cataract to “mature” and remove a lot of vision as a very opaque lens becomes too hard for the phacoemulsifier. In general, surgery is indicated as soon as vision is not adequate to carry out daily activities.

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