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It is safe to say that the best eye cream for wrinkles is one that contains Homeo-Age. Homeo-age is a Canadian formula created using extracts from brown algae. It has been shown to reduce wrinkling around the eyes and provides other benefits for this delicate area of the face.

Facial skin varies in thickness. Dermatologists will tell you the thinnest portion is the area below and at the corners of the eyes. This is the main reason that crow’s feet (wrinkling at the corners of the eyes) are often the first visible sign of aging.

In areas where facial skin is thicker, it takes longer for decreased skin cell and collagen production to make a difference. Although we don’t know the average percentage of decrease, we do know that skin cell and collagen production decreases significantly between the ages of 35 and 40.

We also know that Homeo-Age increases skin cell production by 25%. But, wait, there’s another ingredient to look for.

Functional Keratin has been shown to increase skin cell proliferation by as much as 160%. The best eye cream for wrinkles contains both Functional Keratin and Homeo-age. Does that mean you could get nearly a 200% increase in the number of new cells your body produces? Maybe, you can.

The results of clinical studies vary from one person to the next. When the results say that “as much as” a 160% increase was seen, it means that some people saw less.

The nice thing about Home-age and Functional Keratin is that every volunteer that used the creams containing them has seen some improvement in their appearance. It just takes a little time.

If you see immediate results, you were probably suffering from excessive dryness. There is no doubt that the best eye cream for wrinkles contains lots of active moisturizers.

Dermatologists say that keeping the skin moisturized as we get older is one of the keys to younger looking skin. We just have to be carefully about which moisturizers we choose. Many of the mass-produced ingredients are not actually moisturizing.

The best eye cream for wrinkles contains natural moisturizers. They may only be available from limited sources, but they are certainly worth looking for.

Elena Bingham is an expert author on the latest breakthroughs in the skin care industry. She reports on them for Skin Dew – an online publication dedicated to unbiased reporting of recent skin care science and clinical trials..

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