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When you apply for a new job in a company and find that one of the company’s requirements is you go for a drug test, it creates anxiety. You do not know what to expect and how the process goes. That is why your Humble drug testing facility is devoted to offering you a comprehensive drug testing result with lots of care.

Your doctor will perform a drug test to check for substance abuse. The test will screen for an antidote, narcotics, sedatives, cocaine, relaxant, marijuana, methamphetamines, barbiturates, amphetamines, methadone, and others in your body.

Your employer will recommend a drug test to ensure you are not a drug addict and be sure of your job productivity. Employers may also require a drug test to ensure the safety of other employees.

Preparation before a drug test

Before the drug test, your doctor will take you through the different drug test methods they offer to test for the drug substance.  These are urine tests and blood tests. Your doctor will let you know which one they will use for your drug test.

Your doctor will also inform you that you need to come with your employer’s hard copy forms to fill in your details. Your doctor will request you to go with your valid identification document from your country for identification purposes.

Urine drug testing

When you go for the urine drug test, the lab technician will give you a specimen cup and a wet cloth to wipe out your genital area before you take the specimen.  Depending on your employer’s instruction, your doctor may give you a staff member of your sex to accompany you to the bathroom to check how you are taking the specimen.

After you put your urine in the specimen cup, you will be required to close the specimen tight and hand it over to the lab technician, who will seal it for the test. To ensure you collect your sample at the clinic, your technician will use a temperature strip to check the urine body temperature. Your lab technician may use creatinine tests to ensure you did not dilute your urine sample by water to interfere with drug concentration.

After the sample collection, your lab technician will screen your urine sample for drugs.  Your doctor will interpret results as either positive or negative, depending on the cutoff point.

Blood drug test

When you go for a blood drug test sample, inform your doctor about any medication you have been using. The lab technician will take a piece of your blood from your vein for screening. This procedure is considered more accurate, but it is more expensive than a urine test.

After the drug test, your doctor will fill in the form and give back your results to take to your employer.

For more details concerning drug tests, call or book an appointment online with Calvary Urgent Care.

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