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Sexual health is important for both males and females, especially in older ages. In men, the problem could range from erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, and inhibited sexual desire. Most people find sexual health to be an embarrassing topic to discuss with the doctor and therefore, end up coping with their condition alone in silence. However, you should always keep in mind that doctors are qualified to deal with almost any condition. Book an appointment with a Palm Beach Gardens sexual medicine specialist today for discreet and compassionate care. Below is what you need to know about these issues.

Sexual dysfunction in men

Men undergo some stages to become sexually satisfied. First, they get the sexual desire, also called libido or sex drive. This could be triggered by any of the main body senses. Then, they reach excitement, where blood flows to the penile tissues increases, resulting in an erection. Erection is important for sexual intercourse to take place. Eventually, men reach a climax or peak where muscles contract to initiate ejaculation. People normally associate orgasm with ejaculation, but they are two different things. Either can occur in the absence of the other, which is rare. An individual then goes to a resolution stage where blood flow reduces, and the penis becomes limp.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

  •       Age: Naturally, human beings are meant to experience a change of sexual desire and performance as they age. However, this should happen gradually. Drastic changes are a signal of an underlying serious problem. Talk to your doctor for an examination.
  •       Heart conditions: As discussed above, circulation plays a major role in erectile functions for sexual intercourse to take place. Therefore, men with a heart condition such as abnormal rhythms, heart failure, high blood pressure, and blockage of arteries will at times or always experience problems with their sexual performances. Sexual activity with these conditions also overworks the heart and increases the risk of a complication.
  •       Other physical factors: There are numerous physical factors that could contribute to sexual dysfunction in men. Mainly, they are the factors that affect blood circulation. They include smoking, alcoholism, obesity, Peyronie disease, and treatment of prostate cancer. That is why it is essential to seek medical assistance for the doctor to try and establish the cause. If left untreated, most of these conditions could cause severe damage on top of dysfunction.
  •       Physiological causes: Sexual performance can also be affected by severe anxiety, fear of intimacy, depression, guilt, and stress. These conditions could be a one-time thing, while others could be mental health illnesses that require treatment by a qualified physician. Do not assume your issue is caused by a specific condition. Rather, let the doctor evaluate your condition to make an accurate diagnosis.

Luckily, most of these conditions are easily treatable at the hospital. After a successful diagnosis, the doctor goes ahead to choose the best treatment option. This could include Vasper system, hormonal therapy, IV therapy, peptide therapy, and sound lounge, among other options. Almost all of them are minimally invasive, which means that you will recover quicker with fewer chances of complication. Book an appointment with LifeWell M.D. today to receive personalized care.

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