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In order to treat large varicose veins, foam sclerotherapy, which is the most and significant treatment form than that of the regular conventional sclerotherapy. This particular foam solution is basically that of shaving cream, which distinctly improves the amount of treatment in two ways. The first thing that happens during this process is that the foam tends to displace the blood that is within the veins which permits the full on strength of the sclerosing agent in order to be in direct contact with the actual vein wall for extended periods of time without having any type of dilution effects.

The foam then becomes visible during the imaging of an ultrasound and can actually be easy to track. It’s also made easy to be guided to the actual source of the venous problem. Bigger problems which was previously discussed throughout this blog, is known as the larger veins which needs foam that is used with the conjunction of an ultrasound machine. These issues should not be ignored and should be taken very seriously beforehand before causing a much bigger problem.

Is Foam Different And Any Better Than A Conventional Sclerotherapy?

Many people who have gone through the treatment options with foam sclerotherapy had results that were indeed very promising, and this particular treatment option offered a much better and possible alternative to surgery. With this being said you should take note that there is a new treatment which provides much longer results which are typically unknown that have happened for many people, but you can’t really say how this particular treatment compares to results of the conventional surgery or even the sclerotherapy.

Am I Qualified To Get The Foam Injection Sclerotherapy Treatment?

The most qualified issues that causes for someone to get the foam injection sclerotherapy treatment are those individuals who are dealing with the varicose veins that involves isolated veins in the leg. Although, there are many different places where varicose veins can actually take place there’s some types that aren’t so common. These particular types include the long saphenous vein or even the short one which are also suitable for this treatment to take place.

What Does The Entire Procedure Involve?

Many people don’t necessarily know this, but varicose veins can come in many different shapes and forms and can perhaps come in an increased amount. This process of this procedure depends upon the actual number of varicose veins that are present, some people often require 2 or even 3 sessions of treatment and every now and then more than that. The doctor doing the procedure will mark the main surface of the vein on your leg basically using an ultrasound scanning. An aesthetic will be placed and injected into a small part of the skin in either the mid-calf or lower thigh and the needle is placed into the vein, of course, using and ultrasound scanning. So, as you can see vein foam treatment is an important thing to take because varicose veins aren’t an issue that’s a walk in the part so if your one of those individuals then vein foam treatment is perfect for you.

This will then be flushed into a solution with salt which contains heparin, known to be a blood thinning agent, in order to ensure that the needle remains open. Much smaller needles such as the butterfly needles will be injected into the visible varicose veins within the leg and will then be flushed.



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