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Hair loss might be a normal occurrence especially for men of a certain age and you should not get worried unless the hair loss is severe. There is no need to worry about a few hairs falling out but you could consult experts in men’s hair loss in Hauppauge near you. You might notice that there are many causes of hair loss which include medication stress, pollution mineral deficiency, and genetics. The hair loss experts will help determine the cause of the fallen follicles, however, you should provide extensive information on the possible causes of the hair. Some of these hair-loss prevention strategies could help prevent and slow down hair loss.

Regular Use of Mild Shampoo

A regular hair wash could prevent hair loss by keeping the hair and the scalp clean. A clean scalp is least likely to get dandruff and other infections that could cause hair breakage. A mild shampoo should be adequate in cleaning out the dirt and leaves hair with natural oils which are essential in preventing breakage and hair loss. Moreover, natural oils on clean hair leave the impression of more volume making the hair look beautiful.

Vitamins for Hair Loss

You could take vitamins for hair loss which adds collagen and encourage the production of sebum in the scalp which moisturizes the hair. Vitamin E and C helps strengthen the hair and improve blood circulation in the scalp which helps the hair grow healthily. You might need to consult your dietician before taking any vitamin supplements for hair loss.

Eat a Diet Rich in Proteins

Lean proteins found in meats, fish, and soy promote healthy hair and help prevent hair loss. You could incorporate the proteins into your diet to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss in men.

Use Essential Oils

If you have experienced hair loss, essential oils could help prevent further hair loss. You can massage the scalp with essential oils which helps strengthen the quality of the hair and elasticity of the scalp improving the health of the hair follicles. Lavender, sesame, and almond oils could help the hair follicles to remain active.

Avoid Combing Wet Hair

Wet hair is weak and is prone to breakage and it could be worse if you are experiencing hair loss already. Therefore, you should avoid brushing wet hair at all costs because it increases the chances of breakage. It could help to use a comb with wide-spaced bristles if you have to comb it when wet. You could start by using your fingers to detangle the hair and it could be better to avoid regular brushing which injures the hair.

Keep Hydrated

Dry hair results from dehydration, and it could help if you drink plenty of water. Dry hair is prone to breakage and loss due to dry scalp which affects the quality of the follicles. Moreover, dehydration could leave you healthy with radiant skin and improve other body functions.


Hair loss is common and you might not need to consult hair loss experts unless the hair loss is severe. You could adopt some home remedies that help you prevent hair loss. You should wash your hair frequently, avoid combing wet hair, and massage the head with essential oils to promote the health of the hair follicles.

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