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It is every couple’s dream to have children. Children also come with a lot of responsibilities; parents are required to ensure that they are safe and their health is always kept in check. Argyle Pediatrics offers different treatment services to the common conditions that affect children, ensuring healthy lives.

In this discussion, we will look at the different conditions that children face and their treatment procedures.

  1. Asthma and Allergies

Children are most prone to asthma; especially if their parents suffer from the condition. This is because they can pass the traits to their children during birth. The condition makes it difficult for them to breathe, especially when exposed to factors that trigger it, such as chemicals or smoke. Allergy is also common in many children, a condition that stimulates asthmatic conditions.

Allergens trigger allergies. There are allergens that children cannot escape as they are found everywhere in the environment. They interfere with their ability to breathe effectively. To help children manage the condition, doctors use the following treatment procedures:

  •   Use of an inhaler. The inhaler contains a special medication that opens the airways. A child is required to inhale it immediately if they experience some difficulty in breathing. A single inhale is capable of opening the airways, ensuring safe breathing.
  •   Medication. Doctors also prescribe some medications that reduce the inflammation of the airways. The medication is carried at home along with a nebulizer machine. It ensures that the medicines are in the mist form that children can accommodate when taken. They enhance smooth breathing. Children can also take over-the-counter drugs that reduce the severity of asthmatic conditions.
  •   Injections. Injections are also used to reverse the signs and symptoms of allergy that result in difficulties in breathing.
  1. Injuries and Concussions

As we know, children are very playful and physically engaging. This makes them prone to injuries and concussions.  Some of the more common injuries to children are fractures, muscle sprains, and knee injuries.

On the other hand, a concussion may lead to head injuries when a child hits their head on something or by themselves when playing. Concussion leads to severe headaches, blurred visions, and experiencing dizziness. All these affect their normal lives.

Doctors recommend that children take enough rest away from sporting activities when they face a concussion. This helps the brain to take enough rest and complete healing. In case of injuries, a child must make regular visits to a doctor and receive comprehensive care that deals with all types of injuries. A child can also take over-the-counter drugs that relieve them of pain.

  1. Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Children’s organs are very delicate, especially their skin. When their skin comes into contact with any kind of allergen, they experience pain and irritation. This makes children uncomfortable as their skin becomes itchy, red, and pale.

This condition may be caused by things that children encounter every day, such as soaps or sweating after exercising. Eczema is treated using topical creams and ointments that hydrate the skin, thus reducing pain and itching. You are also advised to make sure that your child stays away from things that can trigger the eczema condition.

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