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As a health nut, a next-level health enthusiast, or simply someone looking to find a major that will lead to a fulfilling career, there is no shortage of options to choose from. From therapy and rehabilitation to healthcare administration and management, to health-related sciences that inform the work of dietitians and nutritionists, it only takes a tiny bit of digging to find your dream health major. Here are a few popular options to consider for your major.

1. Health Administration

If you’re interested in a career with excellent job stability that will require you to take on leadership roles in different team environments, look no further than health administration. As a growing field with ever-increasing job opportunities, health administration offers a chance for healthcare employees to work behind the scenes to ensure that everything in the hospital runs smoothly. It requires a high level of focus, organization, and teamwork, as well as a high range of adaptability to suit the always-changing needs of patients and staff, as well as the rapidly developing technology associated with the job. You can get your online masters in health administration through many prestigious schools, while other institutions like New York University offer an on-campus degree program.

2. Clinical Sciences

Pursuing a clinical science major can prepare you for any number of careers, from work as a nurse or physician assistant to a career as a nutritionist. Clinical sciences mainly focus on working with patients in a hospital environment. The level of involvement can be as hands-on and intense as assisting doctors in surgery, and can also extend to more intimate work patients, such as the work speech pathologists and audiologists do. In short, if you enjoy working closely with patients and want to work in a hospital atmosphere, a major in clinical sciences will certainly point you in the right direction.

3. Medical Technology

Medical technology is at the forefront of everything doctors and nurses use to perform their jobs. As a medical technologist, you can be called upon to work with x-rays, perform ultrasounds, help with surgery, and clean teeth at a dentist’s office. The field of medical technology is incredibly diverse and always changing. Part of the job is being able to keep up with the new technology and helping everyone else in the workplace adapt to it. You’ll also be responsible for caring for the equipment and addressing any technical issues that pop up.

4. Health Sciences

A major in health sciences allows students to dive into the ‘why’ behind certain widespread problems and illnesses in a certain region, country, or even around the world. But health sciences are about more than just predicting trends. The research you’ll do as a health science major could contribute to a large-scale study later on, and become crucial to an as-yet-incurable illness. It could also simply help to raise awareness about a certain health trend or pattern in regards to diet, exercise, genetics, and other health-related aspects of our lives. From small, local health patterns to the history of epidemics and pandemics, a health science degree will give you a rich sense of the part healthcare has played in our world, past and present.


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