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For the majority of patients, plastic surgery improves their aesthetic appearance as well as self-worth. However, some individuals do not get to enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery to completion. Defects due to plastic surgery can be quite unsightly. It is essential you seek the best Dulles, VA plastic surgery services to avoid common complications. We break down five tips you should employ to guarantee effective permanence after surgical procedures.

How plastic surgery works

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that aims to correct structural and functional defects. The defects may be inherent, hereditary, or trauma-related. Plastic surgeons and expert dermatologists employ liposuction, face-lift, breast augmentation, and similar procedures to achieve pristine silhouettes and aesthetically appealing features. Each procedure has a varied recovery period. The common aspect among all procedures is the preparation and follow-up routine are equally important as the surgery itself.

1. Choose carefully

The primary step is choosing where you want plastic surgery and the relevant centers. Plastic surgery will directly affect your appearance; therefore, you should invest in seeking expert plastic surgeons. When you have your preferred surgeon, schedule an appointment and have a candid conversation to establish why you need plastic surgery and the best plastic surgery procedure; also factor in price and whether the plastic surgery center accepts medical insurance cards.

2. Get in Shape

Weeks leading up to your plastic surgery can cause conflicting emotions that are detrimental to your health. Developing healthy habits will keep you in good shape and enhance your body’s response to the procedure. Drink plenty of water, take walks, reduce alcohol consumption and get plenty of sleep. However, do not engage in rigorous activities that may deplete your energy or cause internal damage.

3. Get your facts right

A significant reason why some patients have poor plastic surgery results is unrealistic expectations. In the quest for pristine physiques, some individuals seek unapproved surgical procedures that negate the results of approved surgery techniques. Consulting a specialist beforehand will help you get the necessary facts. Sanctuary Cosmetic Center telehealth services allow you to converse with the surgeon in the comfort of your home. A better understanding of plastic surgery procedures and expected results will enable you to develop an appropriate post-care regimen.

4. Avoid abrasive skincare products

Some plastic surgery procedures change your skin’s pigmentation. Such procedures may elicit adverse reactions on your body when you use abrasive chemicals on your skin. You do not need a complete overhaul of your skincare procedure. Avoid skincare products with kojic acid, hyaluronic acid, and similar bleaching products. Your medical provider will provide you with a list of products that you should not apply to your skin.

5. Relax!

Take some time off and release your mental frazzle. Get your support system ready as you will need it. Additionally, try to engage in indoor hobbies such as playing piano or baking. Your body will thank you for allowing it to heal.


Plastic surgery is a significant way to improve your confidence and beauty. Both minimally invasive and simple procedures require expert attention and a dedicated post-care routine. Schedule an appointment at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Dulles, VA, to reveal the confident new you.

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