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Checking the urine sample to indicate drug abuse has become a common thing when employing or enrolling at college among many companies and schools. Regular testing of students/employees/ job candidates is necessary because of general safety, but also for the determination of further procedures (if the test shows a positive result). People who work or attend classes under the influence of opiates can endanger both themselves and others.

There is always the possibility of sudden testing in the next 24 hours or in a few days. Knowing the exact date and time can help in choosing a method for passing a drug test. Urinalysis is the easiest and fastest method for detecting drug abuse, so you have to remove drug traces from your pee.

But if you don’t have enough time for detoxification or you failed in this, you need to provide a clean sample in some other way. You can ask a friend to borrow some, or you can get fake pee.

Look for everything you should know about urine drug test on this page:

Composition of Synthetic Urine

Initially used for checking the laboratory equipment, synthetic urine got a completely different purpose a few years ago. Since it is an excellent replica of human urine, drug users have started using it to hack the urine drug test. It can be found in liquid or powder form, but they are used in the same way.

The main ingredient of synthetic urine is distilled water. Chemical substances are dissolved there (to the appropriate extent). These are what make the counterfeit almost as good as the original. Creatinine and urea give physical characteristics – relative density, acidity, and color – to the fake pee; sodium chloride regulates the level of electrolyte. There are also compounds of both phosphate and potassium, as essential factors of human pee.

Things It Shouldn’t Contain

Be sure to read the composition of the product before purchasing. In addition to the above components, a fake pee should not contain compounds such as bleach or peroxide. These mixtures are known as adulterants, and they affect the natural composition of urine.

People usually consume them in intention to remove drug metabolites from their pee. But lab technicians can easily see that your urine sample is not according to requirements and reject it as inadequate. Too much fluids affect urine the same way, and diluted sample is not what you want. Remember, if you can’t provide the sample, that looks suspicious too.

Powdered vs. Liquid Synthetic Pee

As we said, you can choose between powdered or liquid fake pee. Of course, when in a hurry, you’ll buy the one you can find in the store. The price variation is insignificant, maybe a couple of dollars. But if you can choose, both products have their good and bad sides.

Take care of the expiration date. As seen on, look for products with money back guarantee. Some manufacturers offer a refund of the double price of the product, in case you fail the test using their synthetic urine.

Each urinalysis requires about one liquid ounce of pee. It is the amount packed into the bag of fake liquid urine. On the other hand, you have to dilute the powdered form of this product in a precisely determined amount in distilled water, which additionally complicates the procedure.

However, many who passed a urine drug test believe that the powdered form is a better option. It can’t spoil easily unless you already mixed it with water. Also, you can store it for a long time in a cool and dry place (you can buy it just in case). Unlike powder, liquid fake pee should be used immediately after opening the package. Otherwise, it loses its properties very quickly.

You can buy all the ingredients to make a home-made pee. Unless you like to experiment, why bother? Synthetic urine is a cheap and proven way to fool the drug test. You just have to find a way to sneak it into the sampling cup.

Transfer of Fake Pee

The temperature and color of the sample are the first things that lab technicians check. For minimizing the risk of sample refusal because of too high or too low temperature, many products come with heating pads or stripes. There are even special bags for storage of powdered urine. Keeping synthetic urine close to the body can help, but other, more efficient way of heating find here.

The pee sample is easy to sneak, but only when the sample is not controlled. However, if you know that urinalysis will be monitored, it’s clear that you can’t just sip fake pee into the cup. To make this clear, no one will be watching you directly while you are peeing. But examiners will most likely send you to do the sampling behind a curtain or a paravane.

If this is the first time you are trying to trick the urine drug test in this way, you’d have jitters. You’ll get rid of it by practicing (use plain water). At home, try to transfer fluid into the sampling cup. Measure the time and try it not to last more than 3, 4 minutes. Any further sampling will look suspicious longer. If you use powdered urine, make sure you prepare it at home.

Synthetic urine belt solves this problem. This simple tube with the ‘faucet’ improves urination. On this tube, there is a bag in which you pour the synthetic pee. When you need to pee, just turn on the tap and voila. However, people often get confused or upset when they have a belt around them. What if they got caught?

Since the urinalysis has started to apply, a market battle between the manufacturer of the tests (and those who carry them out) and those who want to ‘fool’ them. Although the technologies for lab analyzing the presence of opiates in the body have made significant progress, it seems that a mild advantage is on the opposite side.

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