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Currently, the job outlook for Public Health majors is extremely promising, with almost 250,000 new public health jobs projected by 2020. For graduates holding a Master’s degree, employment opportunities within this uniquely diversified and challenging field are even more prevalent and lucrative. Currently, many public health officials are working in collaboration with environmentalists in order to develop and promote effective public health initiatives. This could potentially be attractive to those interested in interfacing with an array of different cultures and the populations comprising them.

No matter the specific profession, potential candidates must be accustomed to the rapidly-shifting hours mandated by the field, as daily schedules are consistently in fluctuation based on emergencies, patient capacity, and other factors. Consequently, candidates who thrive on spontaneity and uncertainty will find themselves right at home, while others who prefer a more concrete daily routine should probably consider something else. Either way, the following list will provide a glimpse into the career outlook for public health graduates.

Advantages of the Degree

Public health or social science grads will quickly discover the broad range of employment options available to them. In fact, job availability in this particular area has been steadily increasing over the past ten years, and is projected to rise well into the future. Some of the most ideal and lucrative occupations include medical science, public health education, social work, and public health statistics.

Medical science covers occupations like epidemiology, while public health education applies to both state and local levels and concerns occupations like public health education. Social work careers include occupations ranging from working for various family care agencies to working in hospitals and for governmental agencies. Public health statistics occupations include working the pharmaceutical industry, various development facilities, governmental agencies, or academia.

Projected Earnings

While projected earnings in various areas of Public Health are quite lucrative, it is still important to evaluate the nuances of each occupation. Doing so will give you a better idea of your projected annual income and help you decide if your personality is suitable for the position.

Some of the highest paying careers include Public Health Service Administration, Bio-Statisticians, Health Educators, and Epidemiologists. Health Service Administration carries an annual salary of approximately $38,000 to $162,000, while Health Education yields a salary extending from $33,000 to $86,000. Bio-Statisticians make anywhere from $33,000 to $63,000 and Epidemiologists earn in between $38,000 to $137,000. Other potential jobs include laboratory technicians, environmental health specialists, public health inspectors, and public health nurses, all of which are projected to retain their high demand for at least the next decade.

University Degrees vs. Online Degrees

Fortunately, most companies value an individual’s skillset over their specific degree. For this reason, it is important to select a program that will provide you with the necessary experience to pursue the job you wish to acquire. To this extent, USC offers a particularly well-rounded online program, while Syracuse University and similar places offer great in situ programs for those opting to pursue the university route. You can learn more about USC’s online mph degree by visiting their website.



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