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        As rightly said by wise people time and again, a sound mind can only reside in a sound body. So, to match steps with the ever pacing daily life, we, in today’s world, inescapably need to keep ourselves healthy and fit. In recent times, one of the biggest concerns of the average population towards maintaining sound health is obesity. with people being more and more aspirant towards being better production machine, lifestyle nowadays have become far more sedimentary and dependent on gadgets and appliances.  So the cases of obesity and related health problems are in rise across the globe. And to get rid of the problem at the drop of a hat, people are opting for so called magic pills marketed as diet pills and supplements.

An insight to and diet supplements.

        Diet supplements are basically medicated products consumed (mostly) orally in varied formats like pills, potions or powders which intend to support your natural metabolism and body build up. It might be in the form of adding essential elements that are missed out often from our daily diet thereby supplementing diet needs, or by aggravating rate of normal metabolism thereby creating additional food requirement to the body. It comes in form of protein, vitamin, essential amino acid or enzyme supplement that alters our natural metabolism. People consume these products to meet various needs. Some take it for additional nutrition to body resulting in muscle growth and body building, on the contrary some consume these as a readily available weight loss method.

Weight loss supplement decoded.

        To make these pills and potions more attractive to the wide consumer base, the manufacturers often makes (not so transparent) claims of their magical powers. each of them are branded as  the master treatment of weight loss by either or combination of methods such as speeding up metabolism, aggravating energy need of body, making one feel full before having enough food thereby curbing appetite, slowing down fat production and so on and so forth.

        What most of these supplements actually does, might not be known to every other guy purchasing it from a medic. these supplements are mostly caffeine based metabolic support which stimulates the central nervous system of our body which might in turn give thrust to fat burning through a process called thermogenesis. But to be very honest, anything that is forcefully concurred against the natural system of human body does contain considerable risk factor as the case is for these kinds of supplements.

Why some of the weight loss pills are dangerous?

        The optimistic part is, quite a handful of artificial health supplements actually assist us in our body needs. But on a parallel cautious note, a lot of these affects our bodily systems in a rather harmful way. Whilst the natural process of metabolism is aggravated for weight loss, it spikes up many side effects that hit us at times immediately or may be in the longer run.  Many of these supplements have been seen resulting in deviated cardiac conditions, spiked blood pressure, damage to liver or kidney, irregular secretion of enzymes and hormones, diarrhea and insomnia to name a handful. to sight a few examples, many of these supplements such as ephedra, sibutramine, dmaa, fen-phen, meridia etc has been banned or recalled as result of research on their content by fda (u.s. food and drug administration) or consumer complaint of deviated medical conditions such as cardiac arrest, cerebral attack etc. Some people prefer to use weight loss tea.

How do you know what you are taking?

        To achieve the goal of instant success in the pharmaceutical market, many manufacturers adhere to unethical practice of adding harmful content to the weight loss drug which results in weight loss superficially but on a sublime state, makes way for fatal side effects to human body. To safeguard their stock values, no manufacturer does enlist the detrimental contents on the package labels. Even if they do, not much of the general consumer would be able to know about its side effects without considerable study on it. So the best way to choose the right diet supplement is to consult a doctor. In many cases, the effects of the contents vary from person to person. In some people with particular medical condition, few elements of the pill might react and work as catalyst to deviate medical condition furthermore. So a professional medical practitioner can only suggest the best drug post analyzing the person’s medical condition.

How are diet pills abused?

        Diet pills possesses a substantial hazard to one’s medical condition. To add to this condition, abuse of the drug plays a fatal role to one’s health. People with obsession to shade pounds in no time might try experimenting with these drugs by either overdosing or combining two or three different types of them. Abusing the drugs can have various forms such as overdosing, taking pills without the opinion of a doctor, combining multiple weight loss pills, combining with laxatives or diuretics or illegal stimulants like meth or cocaine. Either of the above practice might cause mayhem to one’s health. An overdose of these drugs can very easily spike up pulse or blood pressure and can result fatally as heart attack or chocking. Some fat blocking components when taken in appropriately causes diarrhea and dehydration. These pills have the potential to damage organs like lever, kidney to a great extent if not taken prior consultation.

are there any safe weight loss drug?

        The weight loss pills are ready available both at offline and online stores nowadays. So grabbing one of these over the counter drug is no big deal. But the question is who should consume it and who should not, which pill is best, if recommended and in how much dosage? So it’s always advisable to seek for these medicines only after consultation with the doctor. Pre-analysis of one’s medical history is very much important towards recommending these diet pills. Only a person with bmi of 30 or higher may consider taking these pills upon medical consultation. Some of the most prescribed weight loss drugs are orlistat, belviq, contrave, saxenda, phentermine and qsymia.


        It is always preferable and good to have a physique to be envied upon. But to crave for that use of random methods is never recommended. A healthy life style with a balanced diet coupled with a bit of exercise every day is the safest way ever to achieve the fitness goals. Diet pills might temporarily work wonder but in the background they always implant roots of harmful medical situations. So unless until prescribed by a doctor, it’s always advisable to stay away from all sort of slimming pills and dietary supplements.

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