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Cataract usually affects both eyes simultaneously although it is possible to develop cataracts in only one eye. The usual cataract symptoms include cloudy vision, difficulty seeing in low light, and sensitivity to light.

Not noticeable in the early stages, glaucoma or cataract symptoms inevitably get worse and affect the quality of life. Surgery is one of the best options when you want to correct your affected vision.

The positive part of cataract surgery in Abu Dhabi and lens replacement is that you get permanent outcomes. What more, you may need it only once. But before you go ahead, it’s necessary to know about IOL and their benefits.

What is an intraocular lens? 

With more scientific advances in eye surgery techniques, a patient can avail the benefit of intraocular lenses. What are IOLs or intraocular lenses?

IOLs are artificial lenses placed in your eye during cataract eye surgery. So now patients can choose the powerful option of an artificial lens that works as a great natural replacement. Plus, these devices also improve eyesight considerably.

So now you can say goodbye to heavy prescription eyeglass or uncomfortable contact lenses. Instead, you can fashionably and conveniently wear the IOLs for better vision after cataract eye surgery.

What are the Benefits of cataract surgery and IOLs replacements? 

As we all know, eyesight is an invaluable asset. Good eyesight is the key to see, enjoy and feel everything in life in this world. So, one has to keep it safe and also maintain the vision for long years.

So, if a cataract affects your vision, you must consult a leading eye surgeon to address, treat and restore vision. No doubts, it involves several amazing benefits. Some of them include

1 – Improved visual function

Cataract surgery offers corrective measures. Almost all the patients who undergo cataract surgery feel an improvement in their vision after surgery. The patients can resume most of their daily activities. But it would help if you visited your eye surgeon regularly to rule out any complications.

2 – Corrective devices

Most of the patients perform most of their daily chores, including official work, after cataract surgery. Typically, your eye surgeon may prescribe eyeglasses for you after your eyesight becomes normal. Though, it depends on the type of IOLs fitted in your eye by your surgeon.

3 – An alternate solution

Likely, some people may not have cataract surgery done due to old age. The best option is to consult your eye surgeon, who may suggest some corrective measures to restore partial vision to enhance some vision capabilities.

Wrapping it up        

Now you know about intraocular lens or IOLs and their benefits. If you consider cataract eye surgery, book an appointment with a prominent eye surgeon in Abu Dhabi for consultation. Speak to Dr Mustafa, who has the knowledge, experience, training, and insight gained from performing several lens replacement surgeries. Dr Mustafa will advise you on the best cataract lenses for you to correct your eyesight issues.

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