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Custom Peptide Synthesis in Canada

Canada has made a name for itself concerning peptide synthesis. Canada boasts some of the best, and purest peptides in the world, having undergone strict quality control to ensure that the final products are not compromised in any way. If you are set on finding the best peptides for research purposes, then you can trust Canada Peptide and you will never be disappointed.

Synthesized peptides have a number of applications. Some of their uses include testing drugs, creating antibodies and designing enzymes. Many scientists prefer to outsource the job of peptide synthesis instead of synthesizing their own, because it would take a huge chunk of their time, which they could allocate to other areas of their research. Besides, peptide synthesis companies in Canada are well equipped with the equipment and manpower, which all the scientists may not have access to. It is thus convenient for them to have the peptides synthesized elsewhere and all they do is simply purchase it.

There are two primary avenues of peptide synthesis used by peptide companies in Canada: liquid phase and solid phase synthesis. Solid phase synthesis is the more common option and with it, the C-terminus of the peptide is protected by attaching it to a solid resin, which in turn increases the rate of separation between the peptide and the reaction mixture.

Liquid phase synthesis on the other hand, is the slower and labour intensive approach of peptide synthesis, but with the advantage of multiplying the rounds of purification. Additionally, liquid peptide synthesis offers the opportunity for convergent synthesis, where the synthesized peptides may be attached together to form a larger one.

The options available for synthesized peptides from most of the Canadian manufacturers include: designing the peptides with modifications or labels such as methylation, cyclization, biotinylation etc. Buyers can also buy the peptides based on quantity, purity levels, and also based on solubility testing.


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