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Allergies are prevalent issues, which affect both adults and children, generating unpleasant symptoms that regularly disrupt your life. If you reside in the Greater New Orleans area and are struggling with a respiratory allergy, Adil Fatakia, MD, and Gregory Pippin, MD, of ENT of New Orleans, could help. The providers utilize cutting-edge allergy testing facilities in New Orleans East and Marrero, Louisiana, to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. In addition, they offer the most efficient allergy solutions. Call the ENT of New Orleans office today or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation with a Marrero allergies specialist.

What Exactly Are Allergies?

Allergies are an immune system response to a material that you eat, breathe in, or touch. Things that trigger allergies are usually not harmful to you. Once you have an allergy, your body responds as if the allergen is harmful to your health.

Allergens are substances that act as triggers. The following are examples of prevalent respiratory allergens:

o   Pollen

o   Pet dander

o   Dust

o   Mold

When you make contact with an allergen, you may experience debilitating symptoms that will disturb your regular life, hence causing unhappiness.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Allergies?

The symptoms of allergies differ depending on the kind of allergy you have. If you have a food allergy, you may develop a rash, swell, vomit, or feel queasy. ENT of New Orleans focuses on respiratory allergies, which impact the nose and throat. Allergies of this type result in:

o   Rashes

o   Inflamed or watery eyes

o   A cough

o   A blocked nose

o   Dry or itchy eyes

o   A runny nose

If you do not get the correct allergy therapy, you may suffer a persistent illness like a postnasal drip. You are also more prone to have headaches and upper respiratory diseases such as sinusitis.

ENT of New Orleans features an allergy department with an on-site lab to assist you with a prompt and effective allergy diagnosis.

What Is The Treatment For Allergies?

The key to treating your allergy successfully is to identify the source of the problem. The allergy testing sites at ENT of New Orleans are a great advantage to individuals suffering from the impacts of allergies.

Once you receive your diagnosis, your physician will devise a care plan to alleviate the allergy symptoms you are experiencing. You may help yourself by avoiding recognized allergies as much as possible. You may also consider taking drugs to alleviate the symptoms caused by your allergies.

Additional allergy treatments available at ENT of New Orleans include:

  •       Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy can aid in treating chronic illnesses such as allergic asthma and hay fever (allergic rhinitis). It is a successful remedy, but it requires time to take effect. Immunotherapy includes receiving an allergy, putting drops beneath your tongue (sublingual immunotherapy), or injection.

The allergens you are sensitive to are present in trace amounts in the drops and injections. By introducing your body to the allergen in modest, regular doses, it becomes accustomed to it with time. Ultimately, the response that causes allergy symptoms subsides.

  •       Balloon Sinuplasty

If your sinuses are clogged, balloon sinuplasty can clear them up and allow you to breathe better. The board-certified ENT surgeons at ENT of New Orleans perform image-guided sinuplasty in cutting-edge in-office surgical facilities.

The practice has been designated as an Entellus Medical® Center of Excellence for sinus operations. Entellus Medical is a UK-based company that creates techniques and tools for addressing sinusitis and other ENT issues.

If you suffer from allergies, contact ENT of New Orleans today through mobile or request a consultation online. Dr. Adil Fatakia and Dr. Gregory Pippin attend to patients from all across the Greater New Orleans region.

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