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You should know that this style became adopted by trendsetters, poets, and rock stars when it comes to round sunglasses. Therefore, you should know that in the historical perspective, round shades.

We can find numerous options available on the market, but round sunglasses have fallen and risen in popularity as time went by. You can find them on the cover of People back in the day, while round glasses were the first ones that people created in the first place.

History of Round Sunglasses

Nowadays, both rebels and artists enjoy circular shades, which most of us understand. However, it is vital to know that they entered the market due to necessity.

The earliest ones appeared between the 13th and 14th centuries, and they were round. People used lenses to sit upon the nose as a form of pince-nez. However, in the 18th century, manufacturers found ways to implement a temple, which created a similar design as we use nowadays.

Numerous US heroes used to wear them, including Benjamin Franklin, to prevent refractive errors. However, one century afterward, they became prevalent.

During the beginning of the 20th century, manufacturers started to produce round sunglasses using massive production for people in the US. Similarly, as most people would expect, they featured wireframe designs that were the same as people employed in the 19th century.

During the twenties of the previous century, the popularity of shades reached a peak because celebrities, athletes, and movie stars started wearing them to avoid public.

However, only twenty years afterward, regular people started purchasing them because options were endless.

That is why numerous manufacturers started creating other options and designs that can affect overall styles, including flowery decorations, thick edges, and bold choices.

That created a sunglasses industry and significant competitiveness between different manufacturers when it comes to designs and shapes.

The Counterculture movement popularized round shades once again during the sixties and seventies. Since they emphasized anti-consumerism, they started using classic or vintage sunglasses.

The round glasses were symbols of war resistance and other societal issues, while it created a form of connection with intellectuals of the twenties and thirties.

Soon afterward, lenses increased as a result of popularity, while edges became highly pronounced. Circles became bowlines and cat eyes, which created oversized and square options as well.

Nowadays, you can find bug-eye and oversized options that feature similar characteristics to round sunglasses.

Final Word

As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, round frames were trendy for centuries. Nowadays, you can find numerous options available on the market, which is an essential consideration to remember. You should check out more about Tom Ford Sunglasses, which will help you determine the best option you can choose for your needs and requirements.

You can match them with your formal or casual attire, making them perfect for both rebel and casual women and men.

Besides, the market features a wide array of different shapes and styles that feature a combination of round frames with other prominent types, including cat-eye, oversized, and many more.

Whatever you decide to find, you should know that round eyewear comes with considerable historical significance.



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