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Does Sleep Patches Work for Insomnia Disease?

Improve your sleep with Insomnia solution pressure patches. No tablets worried and with 75% established effectiveness; you may note consequences between 5-15 days.

Insomnia is a disorder that can make it tough to doze off; hard to stay asleep; or both, in spite of the possibility for ok sleep. With insomnia, you commonly awaken feeling un-refreshed, which takes a toll in your capability to feature during the day. It could generate severe problems to one’s social and work life and if the problem persists for a long term, can result in serious health complications.

How to Apply Patches for Insomnia Suffering Patients?

Apply the patches on each wrist approx. Half-hour earlier than going to bed and do away with the patches within the morning after waking up. Simply repeat the procedure for 10 nights then change your nights, till the favored effects are received.

Use only the original patches furnished made with hypoallergenic fabric, which guarantees the right adhesion and pressure. They are clean to use and come off without any difficulties.

H7 Insomnia Solution patches are made up of a small sleep rubber Pressor and a pressure patch. The Sleep Pressor is a spherical stress tool set up on a flat base. The H7 Insomnia Solution patches were especially designed to make certain that the ideal strain is completed whilst applied. You can shop sleep patches from PatchMD.

Steps to Use Sleep Patches

1) Peel It

The patches come in sheets of 4. They are adhered to a defensive movie to make sure most efficacy and freshness until use.

2) Stick the patch on a smooth, ideally hairless part of the body. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Shoulder
  • Shoulder blade
  • Inner bicep
  • Inner forearm
  • Stomach
  • Bottom of foot
  • Upper thigh

3) Sleep

Carry on together with your nightly ritual and hop into mattress. The touch layer will keep the patch snug because the sleep layer releases the formulation overnight.


Based at the principles of reflexology, the patches deliver a feeling of heat and deep relaxation by using turning in FAR-infrared energy (the equal strength waves emitted by the solar) that stimulate the key reflexology points at the feet.

The outcomes of a snooze disturbance trial located that on average, Sleep Patch-It it reduced the amount of time sleepers spent unsleeping every night by an incredible 40%. The sleep trial also found out that contributor who suffered from chronic sleep disturbance skilled a 20% reduction in the time taken to fall asleep.

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