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There are amazing benefits that pets share with you during rehabilitation. Pets do not only serve as an amazing companion that helps create a familiar environment for you during this tough time. At the same time, their presence enhances your treatment and offer additional benefits. Among these benefits include the following:

          Helping lift your spirits by boosting oxytocin and serotonin, the “feel good’ hormones.

          Increasing your immune system and physical wellness along with better cardiovascular health.

          Establishing routine, structure, and a sense of purpose by being responsible for the pet.

          Provides emotional support thanks to the unconditional love and loyalty of pets.

          Strengthened communication and interpersonal skills, which helps in the aftercare treatment.

          Overcoming your negative thoughts and replacing them with healthy ones.

          Reducing co-occurring diseases with addiction such as anxiety and depression.

          Reminding you of how crucial the day-to-day needs are in your overall wellbeing.

          Improved moods help you grow personally, in terms of mental and emotional health.

          Providing a healthy way you can channel your impulses that could lead to relapse.

These are among the many benefits that staying in pet friendly drug rehab centers offers you. From physical to emotional health, pets readily help you overcome addiction. It’s a tendency for people suffering from addiction to have difficulty in relationships. It’s often hard to re-build or start a new one. But with pets, you can still feel loved and that will fuel your recovery.

Pet-Friendly Inpatient Rehab Center

If you’re wondering where you can find pet-friendly drug rehab centers, it’s good news to know that many inpatient facilities today allow pets. While this offering is still a bit slim than the other rehab programs, it is enough to find one that suits your needs. There is probably at least one facility in your area or near your area that offers pet-friendly options.

How Does Pet-Friendly Inpatient Rehab Work

First, you will have to bring your pet to the facility. If your chosen treatment center is out of the state, that means making flight arrangements for your pet. In terms of rules and regulations, every facility differs. On that being the case, it’s important for you to have done your research about the rehab center and the programs that they offer.

You have to double check and make sure that the program is suitable to your needs. It is your responsibility to care for your pet. That includes feeding and taking care of costs or tools needed such as food, leashes, litter, etc. Some facilities require you to bring documentation on the health and vaccinations of the pet.

Today, many rehab centers recognize how helpful animals in fostering recovery to people with addiction. As such, many of these facilities begin to integrate animal-assisted therapy or pet therapy in their recovery programs. Studies show that sessions involving pets have incredible therapeutic benefits. Soon, you will likely find more and more pet friendly drug rehab centers for special animal therapies.

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