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Amid various health problems, infertility in Lake Mary is arising. Irrespective of your gender, receiving the proper treatment can be challenging. 

However, it is vital to know that infertility is not always incurable. It is in your best interest to consult a doctor who will help you understand the causes and suggest an effective treatment accordingly. 


  • Ovulation test- There is an ovulation kit that discovers the burst in LH hormone. Blood test for different hormones which play a crucial role during pregnancy.
  • Imaging test- A pelvic ultrasound is made to see the imaging inside the uterus to seek out any minor clot or obstruction preventing the sperms from reaching the ova before time.
  • Hysterosalpingography- In this method, the contrasting agent is used to see any issue inside the uterus. If the doctor detects any problem, you will be guided for the proper treatment.
  • Chlamydia test- Chlamydia is a Sexually transmitted disease that causes fertility, and this test detects the presence or absence of the virus. If it is present, the patient will be given specific medication to cure it.


Some factors cause infertility. They include: 

  • Age- Women aged above 35+ have a meager chance of getting pregnant, and after menopause, there will be no chance as the production of the ova stops. 
  • Weight- Obese people have a meager chance of conceiving a child due to being overweight; their power to fertilize the opposite gametes will become less.
  • Disease- Disease such as diabetes or sexually transmitted disease will cause infertility in both sexes.
  • Abnormal Menstrual cycle- Due to abnormal timing of the menstrual cycle, the endometrium layer of the uterus is continuously shed, which leads to the absence of implantation.
  • Acid reflux- The increased acidic nature inside the uterus will lead the sperms to die inside the uterus without even reaching near the ampulla. 
  • Smoking- The chemicals present in the cigarette or any sort of tobacco will not only damage the lungs but also have a significant effect on the reproductive system


There is an effective treatment to cure infertility in both men and women depending on the type or cause of infertility, for people having infertility due to STDs they need to have the proper medication to cure the STD. People who are heavy smokers and drink a lot of alcohol are prescribed to avoid them for at least three months to re-obtain their power for fertility. In cases where there will be an irreversible issue of fertility, you are also advised to have a baby via the IVF method. 

Additionally, surgical methods are also available. It is better to discuss everything with your doctor and let them advise you on the proper method. 

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