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Children nowadays are way savvier than we ever were when it comes to learning and understanding the latest gadgets that are launched by companies. Though it can be an exciting time to be a geeky kid who has always dreamed of a progressively technological age, the attachment of the youth to technology through gaming and social media can be an alarming threat to parents who are unsure of how to deal with a new generation of sons and daughters.

Youth and technology today

Social media is an ever-growing trend that is no longer just used by teens and adults. Children are becoming more open to using social media and even engaging in multiplayer online games which keep them hooked on their devices. The presence of technology can no longer be removed from the development of children as it has become the norm of this generation to be embedded in the online grid. Children and even toddlers are growing surprisingly adept at using smart devices as early as they can. Though this can be seen as a sign of a leap towards technological growth, it can also be an alarming age for this generation of parents.

A source for electromagnetic radiation

One of the more extreme dangers of electronic gadget addiction is the early presence of electromagnetic radiation. A device’s electromagnetic field or EMF is relatively low, but its presence around younger children might prove to be problematic. It’s no longer new news to us adults that working too much with electronic gadgets has driven us to be fatigued and feeling drained; this is also true when experienced by children, and its effects are much more alarming.

Overexposure to EMFs has led to cases such as sleep apnoea, palpitations, and even the development of degenerative diseases such as cancer. EMF protection should be among the things that you should be wary about especially in today’s modern age where children are gaining earlier access to electronic gadgets at a young age.

How to remedy a potential ‘gadget addiction’

Gadget addiction is forcing children to stay at home and to enjoy themselves in isolation. Though this may be harmless for teens or adults, for a person going through their formative years, it’s sure to have a massive impact on their development of basic motor skills and development of social interaction.

Instead of joining the ranks of the parents who blame video game companies and social media platforms for the ‘addiction’ that their children have developed, you should instead look towards your own home to solve the issue. The use of gadgets can be treated in the same way as limiting play time. Some parents are quick to judge the development of technology and are afraid of how different things have become when they can instead learn that technology is a medium and not a threat. Though technology has its pros and cons, it’s ultimately up to the parents to raise a child.

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