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Women have been granted the freedom to use any birth control method that suits them. However, there are also some methods of contraception that are available for men. OBGYN in Trinity has trained personnel who educate women on the various contraception methods available. They also provide individualized care when offering family planning services, promoting the health of the woman.

What are the options for contraception?

Birth control or contraception involves preventing the sperm from fusing with the ovum; thus, one cannot become pregnant. There are also some methods of contraception that can also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

When choosing the right method to prevent any unwanted pregnancy, many factors are considered to ensure the method you use does not have any side effects on your health. To make an informed choice, you must first understand the various options available in the market.

Birth control methods available are classified into three categories. They include:

Barrier methods

Barrier methods are methods of contraception that physically prevent the sperms from reaching the ovum. Barrier devices are like a cervical cap, sponge, condom, vaginal ring, diaphragm, and intrauterine devices. The use of condoms has an added advantage because it prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Vasectomy or tubal ligation are also grouped as barrier methods.

Hormonal birth control

Hormonal birth control involves taking medications containing progesterone or other hormones such as estrogen that regulate ovulation. Ovulation is a process that the body goes through to release a mature ovum from the ovaries.

Hormonal birth control can be delivered in various ways, such as hormonal injections, birth control pills (oral contraceptives), external skin patches, or hormonal implants that release hormones beneath your skin.  Some methods of birth control utilize both barrier and hormonal methods. For instance, an IUD usually releases hormones into your uterus. A vaginal ring also releases some hormones into your vagina.

Natural birth control

Natural birth control methods mainly rely on the actions of both parties to prevent fertilization.  Pull out, abstinence, and ovulation tracking are some of the natural contraception methods that are commonly used. Most of the natural birth control methods are used by many couples but are not as effective as hormonal or barrier prevention methods.

How to determine if a birth control method is the right one for you?

When choosing a birth control method, a wide range of factors are usually considered to ensure that it suits you without affecting your health. One is recommended to consult a healthcare professional to learn and understand more about the various options available. They also offer you an opportunity to raise any health concern that you might be having. The experts also empower women to make the right choice to meet their family planning and health care needs.

Suppose you are interested in family planning services; call Suncoast Women’s Care for more information on the various birth control option available in the market. The health care team in the facility also helps you choose the right family planning method that will not affect your health status. Additionally, they also educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of various family planning methods.

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