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A modern-day kitchen is considered incomplete without some must-have kitchen appliances in it. Some of these appliances are microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, juicers, blenders, grinders and atta makers. All these appliances make life easy and cooking fun. They are easy to operate and safe enough even for use by kids. Cooking can be turned into a family activity where even kids can help in preparing the meals.

These modern appliances have redefined the dynamics of family relations. This was required too as the kitchen chores are not restricted to women alone since there is an increasing percentage of homes where both partners are working full time these days.

Top Kitchen Appliances That Have Simplified Cooking Tasks

There are many kitchen appliances that are being introduced every now and then. Each appliance is devised to make cooking tasks significantly easier. A few of the top kitchen appliances for modern kitchens are:

  • Electric Rice Cooker: Cooking rice could have never been easier than this. Gone are the days when you had to be around the stovetop till the time rice is cooked to the perfect consistency. With an electric rice cooker, all that you need to do is add the right amount of rice and water, switch it on and forget about it till it’s time to serve.
  • Blender-Grinder: There was an era when tasks like grinding and blending had to be done manually. Now, with a blender-grinder in your kitchen, you just need to add in the required ingredients and select the appropriate pre-set button to blend, grind or powder the items.
  • Atta Maker: An atta maker is really a boon that has taken away the hassles from the process of the messy manual kneading of dough. Just add the flour and the right amount of water to get the perfectly kneaded dough for making rotis, chapattis and other Indian flatbreads.

While these are just a few of the must-have kitchen appliances, there’s a lot more that can lend a helping hand in the cooking tasks.

Designed to Reduce Kitchen Accidents 

These new age appliances have taken safety to an altogether new level. The outer surface of the appliances normally remains cool so as to reduce the risk of burns and scalding. They are made of materials that are well-insulated and are designed in such a manner that they are shock-proof. All this has led to a reduction in the accidents that can happen in a kitchen.

Earlier, cooking meant standing for hours together in a smoke-filled kitchen in intense heat. A long part of the day was spent in chopping, grinding and preparing the ingredients. The day didn’t end with cooking alone. Post that, it was cleaning the utensils and the spills and stains that happened while cooking. All this is now a matter of the past. The kitchen appliances complete the chores quickly and they are very easy to operate, clean and store.

Helps in Making Conventional Stuff the Modern Way

 With people preoccupied with too many things, frying something in a conventional manner can lead to many risks like burning or oil getting spluttered. Technology has given a deep fryer where all your frying needs are taken care of and that too without the risk of burning the food or self. In case you want to have fried food and that too without the use of oil, then there is an air fryer available. Using the circulation of hot air, it lets you fry the ingredients with minimal or no oil. This is just one example of making conventional stuff the modern way, while there are many more appliances that have taken all the hassles out of daily tasks.

The modern-day kitchen appliances are invented to strike a time and effort balance in the otherwise busy lives. They are not only efficient but also convenient and aesthetically designed.


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