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It is not uncommon to experience discomfort in the gums, and this can range from minor pain to excruciating pain when chewing. Unfortunately, some people go for simple solutions like extracting a tooth, but this approach has unwanted consequences like missing teeth, which affects your smile. Dr. Alicia Jackson in New York is highly experienced in root canal procedures and helping patients recover from tooth infections.

In this article, we look at the advantages of having a root canal procedure over tooth extraction.

1)      Alleviates the Symptoms of Infection

The first and foremost advantage of seeking root canal therapy is relieving the symptoms of an infected tooth. Apart from the pain of varying degrees, a tooth infection can trigger other symptoms like having a foul smell in the mouth, swelling of the infected tooth and gum, and even feeling feverish. Seeking root canal therapy promptly solves these problems.

2)      Protects the Surrounding Teeth

A toothache usually happens when bacteria inhabit the tooth cavity. Root canal therapy involves drilling into the dental pulp and cleaning out the bacteria. This space is then filled with gutta-percha, which is a permanent bandage followed by sealing with a crown or filling. When appropriately done, root canal therapy effectively saves the infected tooth as well as the surrounding ones.

3)      Saves your Jawbone

If a tooth is lost, the alveolar bone is not being stimulated through biting and chewing, resulting in resorption. The jawbone typically breaks down after the first eighteen months since extraction, which happens over a lifetime. Root canal therapy not only saves your tooth from deterioration and subsequent removal but also saves the jawbone.

4)  Keeping Your Natural Teeth

Patients who opt for tooth extraction end up with gaps in their dental formula. These openings will require fillings, especially when it is visible or affecting chewing of hard foods. When this happens, patients have to get dental implants or dentures to seal this gap. Root canal therapy aims to heal your natural tooth rather than leaving it to rot and eventual removal.

5)      Improve Aesthetics in Your Mouth

As bacteria colonize the pulp, infected teeth will normally turn brown, black, or yellow. The discoloration can be so extensive that teeth whitening procedures cannot restore them. Root canal therapy involves addressing such aesthetic issues by crowning the tooth to hide the discoloration. In the end, you will feel more confident when smiling and social situations will not trigger undue anxiety.

6)      Boosting Overall Health

Maintaining proper oral health serves your teeth and gums and your general health. We advise patients on the importance of having regular dental checkups and addressing problems on time. Therefore, getting root canal therapy can keep off complications linked to poor oral health like diabetes, gastrointestinal infections, heart ailments, and respiratory infections.

There are many advantages of having a root canal procedure done. If you are struggling with an infected tooth, arrange a consultation with experienced professionals for the best advice. Root canal therapy allows you to save an infected tooth and gum, and you will enjoy its lasting effects.

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