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While applying lotion on your legs, do you see bluish spider lines on your thigh? Do not worry. These are spider veins, also called thread veins, that are neither painful nor harmful. They are tiny, damaged veins that may appear as lines, branches, or webs on the leg surface. But you can get the treatment for cosmetic reasons. So do you know what spider veins are? Are you at risk? In this post, we will discuss the risk factors of spider veins in Bakersfield. So, let’s start-

  1. Genetics – You will be surprised to know that about 90% of individuals with spider veins have a family history. It sounds too much! Isn’t it?

  2. Pregnancy – If you are pregnant, you may find thread veins. But the question is, why do spider veins appear if you are pregnant. To understand this, you have to understand the mechanism of valves present in veins. The valve pushes the blood towards the heart. But, if you are pregnant, you are carrying a large volume of blood that creates significant pressure on your veins. As a result, these tiny veins swell. Moreover, as you have a fetus, your expanded uterus also adds pressure. So that is the reason why you see thread veins during your pregnancy.

  3. Age – Wear and tear is a normal part and parcel of the aging process. It makes your veins weak and causes spider veins.

  4. Weight – Have you become a little hefty? You might be at risk of spider veins. Are you thinking of losing weight so that the fines disappear? It might be heartbreaking for you to read, but the truth is losing weight can only make the appearance of varicose veins better but cannot completely cure it. You have to undergo cosmetic treatment for that.

  5. Prolonged standing and sitting – Standing and sitting for a long duration forces your veins to work harder to bring back the blood from your extremities. Thus, it increases pressure on those veins, making them weak.

  6. Blood clots – Spider veins appear if blood clots are present. 


Even though spider veins are not harmful, you should consult a doctor because it can be an early warning signal for blood clotting. It may also become a reason for lifelong vein disease.

Several options are available for the treatment of spider veins. Consult your doctor for quick advice about the treatment plan and to find out the underlying cause.

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