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More than diamonds, I believe that makeup is a girl’s best friend, and why not! It helps us look good. Beauty supply store has evolved in recent times, offering a wide range of makeup items. Our beauty industry is leaving no field untouched when it comes to following up with trends and innovations. The beauty sector is one of the most invested sectors in the world. Makeup nowadays is not only used for women but men as well, due to the rapidly growing advancements. Though buying makeup is surely a very overwhelming feeling, especially if you are buying it for the first time. You save money all around the year or months to buy your favorite makeup product and its more fun as a beginner because you will be on the road to square one. Beauty purchase comes with a hell lot of dilemma as the market has a million options to offer an ad for you to, of course, choose from.

An important point to note here is that NEVER, I repeat NEVER overspend on your first store visit because you just have started to explore what suits your skin the best. The makeup buying process is no than art which must be done very smartly, especially when you are searching for that perfect foundation that would fit your skin tone the best without melting off just a few minutes later or that eyeliner that doesn’t smudge for at least 24 hours.

Here in this article, we have listed down a few tips and tricks which can help make shopping easier for you.

  • Do your research:

You don’t want to buy a makeup product just because you were taking a nice stroll down the makeup lane and checking out shelves? NO! Be sure of what you want and why you want it. Carry out old-fashioned research on the functionality and usage of the product whenever you are in store, so you have enough info about it.

  • Follow bloggers and MUA’s:

Social media resources such as Instagram is a great place for hunting for the latest makeup trends and products before spending dollars. It is a bloggers world, and we all know how important our certified MUA’s are. These are the people that will help you in picking out the right makeup product. They are people with mass powers of the market that influence purchase behaviours. Short-list your top favorites and see how they review makeup products. It will also give you is the night of the products and how it looks like when you will apply it. MUA’s and bloggers are keen observers and the right kind of people who give honest reviews.

  • Complexion:

Knowing your face dimension and understanding your color complexion is a must for a makeup purchase. It might sound like a mathematical equation, but it is true. The worst mistake that people make while purchasing a foundation is buying an uneven tone. Remember that your makeup needs to look flawless ad, not cakey. Know about what sort of makeup you want, do you want it for dry skin, combination skin or a heavier foundation for your acne-prone skin to cover up the scars. Play around while you are on your shopping spree and find the right one that matches your skin tone the best.

  • Don’t overspend:

There is a trick to stopping yourself from overspending, which is, having drugstore options researched thoroughly. Most of the people who can’t afford super expensive makeup products switch to splurge and go to a drug store instead. That alternative which you might have found for an eyeshadow palette will provide you with the same results as that $100 one would have but at a much lesser cost. Drugstore items might be different or vary from texture to texture, but they will save you those extra pounds.  You can also verify and sort your purchase list out, for example, invest in a foundation that you regularly wear a little more than that eye pencil you wear at a timely basis. Classify between primary items, and it will make the purchase much easier and cheaper.

  • Take an expert along:

Now, that expert does not have to be a certified makeup artist, but it can be your friend, your sister or even your mom who has been using makeup since long and has keen knowledge about it. They will not only help you with the purchase but also tell you how the makeup product might look on you.

  • Look for a tester:

Always test and check before you are about to make a purchase. The samples on the shelves are for your convenience or if they are not available due to some reason or finished, feel no shame in asking for a new one. It is the safest way before purchasing because you will be aware of what you are putting yourself into.

  • Don’t get tricked by the sales staff:

Salesgirls have set targets for there every sell-out item, and it’s their job to convince you into buying a product you don’t need. They won’t listen to what you will have to say but make you listen to what they want you to purchase. There are times you might feel guilty while walking away without making a purchase, but it’s the right thing to do for your wallet and yourself as well. Not all salespeople are bad advisors, and some are good at guiding you with and helping you find your desired product.

  • Check for durability:

An essential part of makeup buying is how durable it is. No-one wants to spend on a makeup product that gets evaporated minutes later you apply it. Keep in mind that the makeup you are purchasing should stay put throughout the day in this humid environment. It might take time, but it will be worth the purchase.

  • Ingredient game:

An ingredient read is very important on that packaging. While shopping for the makeup products be familiar with what ingredients are used in them. Cosmetic companies often use harmful ingredients such as mercury in the products that might cause cancer when exposed to the sun directly.  Use products that are chemical-free and organically made without being tested on the animals.

  • Develop a checklist:

Don’t waste the makeup products that you already have just because you want to buy new ones. Make a checklist of all the makeup products you own, find helpful tips to revive old makeup. Such as a dried lip pencil can be reused if you put it into a baby oil jar overnight, a broken blush on can be refined by adding glycerin to it.


Some of the tips for buying makeup include the development of a checklist as well as avoiding overspending. Besides, completion, durability and ingredients also play a vital role while buying makeup items.

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