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Med Spa specializes in body contouring procedures for Conroe, TX, The Woodlands, Frisco, Frackay, and surrounding area. Body contouring is basically the body sculpting of an entire body to help eliminate the look of cellulite and fat, get rid of stretch marks, and create trouble areas less attractive. Some body contouring procedures that are available in Med Spa include body contouring in Woodlands, body contouring in The Woodlands and Texas Hill Country, body contouring in Fort Worth, etc.

The most popular body contouring treatment in The Woodlands is known as trusculpting. Trusculpting is an effective way of removing fats and skin from the hands, arms, legs, thighs, stomachs, butt, thighs, or rear areas. In trusculpting, plastic or metal trays are placed over specific body areas and the plastic surgeon then uses a special vacuum device to suck out unwanted fat. Plastic or metal pieces are then sculpted to remove the unwanted fat and skin.

Another body contouring method in The Woodlands is sculping. In sculpting, fat cells are removed using a scalpel. A small hole is made in the skin and a small metal tube or wire is placed through the hole. The fat cells are sucked out by the metal tube and the skin is then tightened up to smoothen it out and improve the shape.

There is also body contouring in The Woodlands that uses laser technology. In this treatment, an image is created of the patient’s body by using an infrared camera and a laser. This image is then used to create a virtual map of the body. Using this information, the plastic surgeon will then make an incision along the affected area and suck the fat cells out using a tube or scalpel. The resulting skin will be smoother than before as a result of the laser and the heat from the camera.

The method is another popular body contouring treatment in The Woodlands. In this treatment, the plastic surgeon creates an image of the patient’s body with a laser called fluoroscopy. From this image, he or she can then create a plan of how to alter the patient’s body so as to achieve a more ideal shape. The best part is, the recovery time for this procedure is very short as compared to the other methods.

Regardless, of which treatment option for a patient chooses, The body contouring Woodlands has one goal: To provide its patients with the best possible outcome. Cosmetic procedures are now being used to help people repair, alter, or improve their body image after major accidents or weight loss/body contouring surgeries.

People are getting back to their original bodies as a result of these procedures. They feel better about themselves because they no longer have unsightly excess body fat and extra skin hanging over their belts, pants, or shirts. Many people are thrilled with the results that they achieve using advanced technology and The Woodlands Plastic Surgery Center is happy to provide them with the service they deserve.

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