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The feelings of anxiety can feel overwhelming when your period is late. Your mind is worrying at a million miles a second wondering if you are pregnant. Then after your body reveals tell-tale symptoms you take a test, wait five minutes, and then see two solid blue lines signally that you are pregnant. Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be alright. You have options! There’s no need to rush to conclusions instead think of the delicate life you carry and learn about your choices.

Becoming a Parent

No matter what age you are or what stage of life you are in women were made to be mothers. If this is your first pregnancy it can be scary you wonder if you can do it alone or if your partner is also ready to be a parent. The uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms offer a challenge to daily life. Not to worry, these symptoms are only short-lived. If you are already a mother and worry about caring for another child just know that you can do it and everyone in the family will adjust to the precious new baby. Your local WIC office can offer prenatal and parenting advice along with free food and drinks to keep you and baby healthy up until the age of 5. There are other resources available to new parents such as classes and counseling to help you prepare for motherhood and it even continues after the child is born. Your child will love and adore you from the moment they are born because you are their mother and share a special bond.


Your situation may not be ideal right now to bring a baby into your life, but you want to give this child, which is a piece of you, a better life. Adoption is an amazing option. There are countless couples and families that want more than anything to have a baby to love and care for as their own. Pregnancy counseling services Palm Beach FL can explain how the process works and your choices such an as an open adoption where the birth mother stays in communication with the adoptive family in a way that they establish such as letters, photos, and even visits. The other option is a closed adoption where there is no communication with the birth mother and adoptive parents. The birth mother gets to decide on the adoption type. Just know that if you chose adoption over parenting you are making an excellent choice for your child and giving them access to a better life.

A positive pregnancy test can be overwhelming. Instead of jumping to negative conclusions and giving into fear think about your tiny growing baby inside you. They deserve a wonderful life. You can choose to parent while getting guidance along the way. The other option is adoption where you select a couple to raise, love, and care for your child. Pregnancy counseling can help you make the best choice.


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