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Your health status is a key factor in determining the kind of life you live. All health conditions affect your wellbeing and the proper functioning of the body. However, some conditions are challenging and more serious than others. Neurological health is usually complex, also costly in terms of treatments and care. The fact that it affects the most vital functions of the body including coordination, movement, speech, among others, makes it hard to deal with and usually has a major effect on the patient’s life and the caregivers. Are you or your loved one struggling with neurological health issues? Despite its fatality and severity, there is hope. Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures specializes in providing compassionate and comprehensive care to improve people’s lives led by Dr. Amor Mehta.

Located in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, the practice is committed to providing comprehensive care to patients suffering from the most complicated neurological disorders. The Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures team understands the impact these disorders can have on their patient’s lives; hence, they focus on finding the best solutions for them and encouraging them to live their best lives. Dr. Mehta, a board-certified Neurologist, leads his highly skilled team to provide the best care in the area through quality and effective personalized treatments.

They use innovative and the most advanced treatments to address all neurological diseases regardless of their impact level. They consider all neurological conditions, including sleep disorders and digestive problems, in their diagnosis and treatments. They believe in hope and do all it takes to instill optimism into their patients. The facility uses the latest technology in neurological health to provide various treatment options to help their patients recover from their illnesses through cost-friendly terms. They rely on targeted medication, diet therapy, neuromodulation, medical cannabis, and surgery to provide treatments that serve every patient’s unique needs.

They offer services such as:


When you have a seizure, it’s more likely it will reoccur within a short time. Dr. Mehta and the neurology team for epilepsy and seizures provide excellent care for effective diagnosis and treatment of seizures. Visit them today to learn more about their treatments.

Traumatic Brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries’ major causes include car accidents and sports activities. Professional care is necessary for any brain injury; the highly experienced Dr. Mehta guarantees you exceptional care to help you recover. Call or book an appointment online for services with the best results.

Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures is a top leading practice providing compassionate care for all neurological disorders, including epilepsy, seizures, headaches, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, memory loss, and vertigo. Their use of medical cannabis as a form of treatment has made an incredible difference in today’s pharmaceutical world. Led by the highly experienced, board-certified neurologist Dr. Mehta, they are friendly and welcoming to their patients, dedicated to finding solutions to improve their lives. They also offer support and empowerment to help them recover quickly and find hope in life again. They ensure to build trust in their patients by giving them their best experiences and results. Visit them today in Marlboro Township for the services you deserve.

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