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What is cannabis? Cannabis is a mixture of dried marijuana or the Sativa plant leaves and flowers. It contains compounds such as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, cannabidiol, or CBD. Some forms of cannabis contain mind-altering substances. Cannabis is also known by other names such as marijuana, Maryjane, pot, weed, ganja, and several other slang terms.

THC contains a psychoactive substance or mind-altering chemicals responsible for most of the intoxicating effects that people like. It usually gives the user a feeling of joy. The intoxicating chemical is found in the leaves and buds and plenty in the female marijuana plant.

CBD also contains a psychoactive chemical, but it is not intoxicating, and it is non-euphoric. Therefore, this means it cannot give you a feeling of joy. It is usually to lessen pain and inflammation. The marijuana plant contains over 500 chemicals, and THC and CBDs, one of them. Cannabis shops located around the country, such as a Seattle dispensary, sell high-quality cannabis products including CBD or THC product.

You consume cannabis in numerous ways; this includes:

  • Smoking
  • Brewing it as tea
  • Ingesting it in the form of edibles such as candy, brownies, and cookies
  • Eating it raw
  • Applying it as a topical treatment
  • Taking capsules or supplement

Types of cannabis products and their benefits

Cannabis is available in many forms and it’s up to the user to select their favorite ways of taking cannabis.

Cannabis oils

Looking at cannabis oils alone, this is admittedly an extensive topic that goes down to all products which contain CBD oils that give you the desired feeling. However, the cannabis oil itself can be administered in several ways, thus creating a versatile sought-after cannabis product for people looking to use it legally.

CBD oils contain a low trace of THC, and indeed it cannot give you the high associated with the use of marijuana. It will still provide you with potential desired relief effects on pain, anxiety, nausea, and more without any psychoactive reactions.

Epilepsy is a condition that gets the most and consistent support for the use of cannabis oil. Recently Epidiolex a CBD drug was approved to treat rare cases of epilepsy was approved by the U.S Foods and Drug Administration (FDA).

Benefits of using CBD oils

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Anti-seizure
  • Neuroprotective
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-acne
  • Cancer treatment

Most of the larger companies today use CBD oils to add to their E-juice or vape pen for sale, but another commonly used form is tinctures. CBD oil tinctures are concentrated drops of CBD that are dropped under your tongue and absorb slowly in your mouth. There are also CBD capsules that are taken with water like a paracetamol pill or any other pill.

Cannabis beauty and skincare products

As cannabis is becoming more popular and more legalized in more states, various entrepreneurs have started marketing these products to people marked as weed suburban women. Over the years, this industry has been growing exponentially.

The skin is known to have cannabinoid receptors. As mentioned earlier, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties. Some researchers suggest that adding cannabinoids to beauty products may help fight acne and skin dehydration and help them feel more relaxed.

Benefits of using CBD beauty products

  • CBD bam salves it has a potential of muscle pain relief
  • CBD lotion and rubs allure your skin
  • Bath bombs and bath salts bring you relief and relaxation in your bathtub
  • It does not have any adverse side effects

Cannabis Drinks

Today you can drink cannabis beverages legally in some states. Unfortunately, cannabis drinks have not reached the mainstream heights the same as beauty products. Still, they are slowly getting exposure as more shreds of evidence unfold on drinking cannabis beverages’ health benefits.

Most of the cocktail and energy drinks infused with cannabis are still regulated in most states where marijuana is fully decriminalized, acting as a test for future governments. In-state like Colorado, marijuana is legal and, in some dispensaries, you can easily find medicine men selling fruit punch and cola drinks infused with cannabis. Also, there are several coffee shops in New York selling cannabis-infused coffees.

Note that cannabis has different aromas and tastes, and therefore, there are blocks along with the ways due to federal rulings on what is and is not suitable.

Benefits of drinking cannabis beverages

  • Cannabis tea helps to reduce chronic pain
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Improves your lung health
  • Improves and supports your heart health
  • Cannabis tea helps to ease nausea symptoms
  • Helps to alleviate bowel issues
  • Helps to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps you to stay alert

Cannabis Gummies

Gummies with CBD have become more popular today in the wake of legal Maryjane. However, there are still unregulated boundaries and inflexible to understand how safe the CBD gummies are for everyday or regular use.

Benefits of cannabis gummies 

  • Precise dosage, meaning they are already adequately dosed
  • They taste like regular gummies
  • Helps you relax and relieve stress
  • Improves your focus
  • Improves your appetite
  • The effect is long-lasting
  • They won’t irritate your lungs

Cannabis chocolates

Today, edibles with THC are one of the most popular ways to get high, especially on the streets and parties. Eating cannabis edibles like chocolates, cookies, brownies, and candies can be as advantageous as taking legal medicine for some. It’s important to note that some edible cannabis products contain THC that gets you high while others contain CBD which does not get you high.

Sadly, most companies run into trouble due to concerns that underage kids may inadvertently take them. As cannabis becomes more popular, many traditional companies have started marketing these cannabis treats, and the chocolates have become more prevalent in the market.

Benefits of cannabis chocolates

  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • It contains antioxidants that help to lessen muscle pain, headaches, and other chronic problems.
  • There are chances it can help to prevent cancer
  • Improves your heart health
  • Helps to reduce your cholesterol levels
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Helps to reduce blood sugar in diabetic cases

Cannabis capsules

The cannabis capsules are not as sweet as cannabis chocolates or refreshing. Cannabis capsules are the best options for those who want to get the job done. It is more prevalent among those people who are not looking for snacks with weed.

The medicinal uses of cannabis are different from recreational uses. In many cases, the lower the amount of THC in any pharmaceutical preparation, the better the desired effect. As the saying goes: Start from low; slow treatment can never be one size fits all, because the interaction between someone’s body, mind, and soul is the primary consideration.

Benefits of taking cannabis capsules

  • They are safe and convenient
  • They are consistent and concentrated
  • They do not have any respiratory side effects

CBD products for pets

Do you know you can give your cute pets CBD? Yes, you can use CBD products to treat your pets who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, and anxiety. They are yummy, and your pet won’t know that it contains anything extra.

Many pet owners use CBD oil to bring their lovely pets to help ease and relief disorders like arthritis.

Benefits of cannabis products on pets

  • Helps to relieve stress
  • It is a powerful painkiller
  • It has anti-cancer effects
  • Promotes homeostasis
  • It is antiemetic
  • It is anticonvulsant

Other health benefits of cannabis products

Below are a variety of health issues that cannabis can help treat.

Helps to deal with arthritis

Nowadays, cannabis is commonly found in creams, and balms are used by individuals who have arthritis. Studies show that both THC and CBD have significant pain and inflammation relief.

Helps with PTSD symptoms

Most of the people with traumatizing past experiences such as rape are more likely to suffer from PTSD. Cannabis products have a significant impact on treatment.

Helps to reliefs with multiple sclerosis

Sclerosis is a painful muscle contraction condition. However, cannabis can help reduce that pain.

Helps to treat sleep apnea

High levels of THC strains help you sleep better and usually helps to induce sleep. Some people tend to use cannabis and some sleeping pills for better effect, but it is advisable not to try. If you do this regularly, it indicates that you are suffering from something else. It is advisable to discuss the rules with a qualified medical professional regarding the use of medical cannabis.

Warning. The use of cannabis by kids under the age of 15 years can cause a long-term sleep disorder into adulthood.

Helps to treats glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical disorder in which pressure in the eyeball injures the optic nerve thus causing loss of vision. A study by the National Eye Institute (NEI) suggests that cannabis helps pressure in the eyes and ease the symptoms of glaucoma.

What do you feel after consuming cannabis?

When people use cannabis, they often notice the following effects:

  • Euphoria or a feeling of great joy
  • Relaxation
  • Change of perception
  • Increase in appetite
  • Feeling more talkative

Ways to take cannabis

There are different methods of using Medical cannabis. Here are some ways you can consume cannabis into your body. Note each practice, whether inhaled or ingested into the body, determines the effects of the drug.

Smoking or inhaling

If you smoke or inhale cannabis, a sense of delight begins to work within minutes and reaches a peak within 20-45 minutes. The feeling most likely wears off within 2.5 hours after you stop smoking or inhaling.


Today people add cannabis to foods like cookies, candies, and cakes. If a person consumes such products containing cannabis by mouth, they usually feel the effect within an hour after ingesting it. The sensation usually peaks after 1.5- 4.5 hours.

The study suggests that the type of edible effects takes a long to feel the impact.


Today most people who use medical cannabis like to use transdermal patches. The method allows the cannabis ingredients to enter your body over a prolonged period.

The use of transdermal patches is significantly beneficial to people who are using cannabis to treat pain and inflammation.

How does cannabis work?

Human bodies naturally produce some cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system, which acts similarly to neurotransmitters of sending messages through the whole nervous system.

Neurotransmitters affect the brain and other areas, which play a significant role in keeping memory, concentration, sensory pleasure, time perception, and movement.

The receptors typically respond to these cannabinoids, and they also react to THC and other cannabinoids. These are why cannabinoids from outside sources can alter and disrupt normal brain function.

Staying safe

Medical marijuana is safe when prescribed for the short term. However, there are still side effects common to the use of medical marijuana, such as dry mouth, mental disorders, dizziness, and blood pressure issues.

Note that even though cannabis is a mind-altering substance, it does not have a long-term effect on adults. A study report conducted by Hazards Marijuana Investigation for Neuroscientific Discovery in 2017 suggests that people who used marijuana to treat and manage disorders like chronic pain, depression, anxiety post-traumatic stress disorder, and sleeping disorders. Do not have any signs of cognitive functions after three months of use. They improved in terms of paying attention and managing time.

Note that the benefits of using medical marijuana may vary from person to another, and such factors affect your medical history and family predisposition. Also, keep in mind that medical insurances do not cover medical marijuana.

Some women have reported having used Medical cannabis during pregnancy to treat severe nausea. However, no research proves that practicing medical marijuana during pregnancy is safe, and doctors do not recommend it.

Caution if you are pregnant women should not use medical marijuana without consulting your professional health care provider.


Most people are beginning to realize the difference between medicine and the overall health model. When many medicinal cannabis advantages are discovered, our overall lifestyle, broader culture, and health will all become better.

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