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If you have an aging relative to care for, or you’re planning for your own eldercare needs, you may be wondering what alternatives exist to nursing homes. There are many options available. This guide will cover three of them.

Adult Foster Care

Many people prefer to remain in their home environment as they age but require some assistance. Adult foster care massachusetts is a federally funded program, administered through MassHealth, which allows for eligible participants to remain in their own homes, with the assistance of a qualified caregiver. The caregiver, who must be at least 18 years of age and have no physical or mental impairments that would prevent them from providing care for the participant, receives a tax-exempt stipend for services provided.

PACE Programs

A second option for those who wish to remain in their homes is PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs. These programs, which are administered through Medicare and in some states are also available to some Medicaid patients, provide a package of medical and social services to eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients that are designed to allow elderly and frail community members to receive the care they need to continue living in their own homes.

Assisted Living

If remaining in the home is either not an option or not the preference of the individual, an assisted living facility may be an option. Assisted living facilities share the group residence nature of a nursing home, but the residents have their own private apartments. Typically, there is a shared dining hall, where residents can have meals together and planned activities. Most assisted living facilities also offer other services, such as medication reminders, cleaning services, and transportation.

Nursing homes provide a valuable service to those who need them; however, they are not the only option available to those who need assistance as they age. Depending on the needs of you or your loved ones, one of these three options may be a good alternative for you.

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