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This year has been an interesting and stressful one for many people and has led to an increase in the number of people who are working from home. For some this has brought about a welcome break from the commute to work and long hours away from home. Many people are adjusting to this new way of working and are enjoying the extra time and freedom that this offers them.

If you are looking at working from home here are a few tips for you.

Set-up – make sure that you have the right set-up at home to allow you to complete your work efficiently and effectively. If you are currently working from a dining room table you can find Next day delivery office desks online that will enable you to work in more comfort and will help to prevent back, neck and shoulder pain from setting in.

Timetable – it can take some adjusting to working from home and a good way to ensure that you are completing all the work you need to in a reasonable amount of time, without having to work until late in the evening and on your weekends, is to set yourself a timetable. You can plan in all the work you need to complete as well as ensuring that you take regular breaks away from your screen.


Refreshments – once you get into the swing of working from home you may find that you end up skipping lunches and breaks. It is just as important to ensure that you take regular breaks when you work from home and using a plan, like hte timetable mentioned above will help with this. Get yourself a drinks bottle that you can fill up with water to keep your levels topped up throughout the day and to prevent dehydration.

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